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(#e44kzma) @fastidious Haha, gracias! I was heavily thinking about which to select as the teaser and wondering whether this time we agreed on one. But I still have to practise. :-) Next time I wil...
(#frb74yq) @movq Thanks. Well, a showing sun was long overdue here. The last three weeks it was just a dark soup.
(#qxckdca) @prologic If the `yarnd` you're on doesn't have pulled feed X, you're probably not going to reply and thus to mention that feed X, are you? Unless you've come across feed X somewhere else, I give y...
(#l6sm5ba) @fastidious I usually just look at the raw feed before deciding whether I subscribe to a feed or not. Regarding metadata I fully support the simplicity argumentation. `description` seem...
(#35k6f3a) @stigatle Damn, get well and fingers crossed!
(#c4wsylq) @movq I very much hope that you're right. I'm still using some KDE appliations in my everday use. KMail, Dolphin, Gwenview, Kdenlive (well, not every day), to name the most prominent ones I can think o...
(#2gyqgsa) @fastidious Haha, I know. I even fully agree! :-D Good news, yesterday I started reading on asyncio to get rid of the original twtxt reference implementation all together. But this ende...
(#kpg33xa) @thecanine Nice idea! The only real issue I have is that the pixel is not placed at the pointer of my mouse but a bit below which makes me misplacing pixels constantly. It drives me nuts, you can ...
(#sv3645q) @movq Did you restart your bass? :-P
Today I called it a day earlier and enjoyed the 5°C hot sunshine. You will probably notice by now with ease, I went up my backyard mountain again and enjoyed the sunset. The scenery was dimmed by three women who loadly yelled all the time, quite annoyi...
Friday's hike in the gray soup. ![Snow in the trees]('> Note that somebody gave the woman a necklace.
(#sv3645q) @fastidious I intentionally bought cheap instruments, because they were experiments. I really didn’t know what to expect. I also couldn’t find a store nearby that sells them, so I just ...
(#nnn7vra) @observer 
I don't see a problem, maybe you can enlighten me.
However I see a problem with the Fiat dollar supply.
[Here is the M1 money supply chart](
@prologic (#nnn7vra) 
I agree only with one thing he says, and that is that he doesn't understand the mechanics.
I am not a fan of tether, since it is provided by a company I don't trust. But basically it is ...
Hey @<apex gemini://> :) If you're reading this: In your twtxt feed, make sure to put a literal tab (0x09) between the timestamp and the text. You're currently using a space (0x20) -- some parsers trip on that.
(#sv3645q) And now it’s back. Just like that. I guess that’s what you get when you buy a cheap instrument.
Aaaaaaaaand now one of the pickups on my bass went silent. What a lovely day.
(#c4wsylq) @prologic That’s right. But it’s an issue with Qt, not with KDE. It’s not that KDE decided to show apps on their desktop now, right? Actually, I don’t think anything is going to happen to *KDE* at ...
(#kpg33xa) @thecanine Sounds like a plan 👌
(#c7hvysa) @james G'Night 👋
(#kpg33xa) @thecanine Did you write this software or is it something someone else built that you found and stood up? 🤔
(#c4wsylq) @movq Yes but but KDE that is built atop QT isn't though right? 🤔 (_been a while since I've been in the Linux on Desktop ecosystem 😅_)
[$710,000 Yacht Tour : Nordhavn N41 - YouTube](

This is a **really** _really_ nice ocean faring motor yacht! I'm a really big fan of Nordhavn yachts!
(#c4wsylq) That’s probably just a friendly reminder that Qt is a commercial product made by a company: 😐
(#kpg33xa) @thecanine it works. Colour changing works, clicking and making the squares works. The eraser works. The squares are not pixel sized, but I am sure you know that.
(#35k6f3a) @stigatle Oh no. Best of luck to you!
(#jhiw7yq) @homer this is fixed now on a commit I am testing here. So, if I hit reply, it should (and it does) fill in the mention of the person I am replying, even though I might not be following it, like you, ...
(#jhiw7yq) @fastidious No apologies necessary 😅 The noise will disappear soon from all pods 😂
(#xqhrq6q) It was rendered fine when manually entered. So, it is just when the autocomplete is used on Yarn, it seems; the `@` autocomplete, that is.
(#xqhrq6q) It seems mentioning @<ew0k/BW'>> is still breaking here. I just used `@<ew0k/BW'>>`, lets see how it renders. Not forking on this off-topic, to avoid adding complicating f...
(#xqhrq6q) @ew0k/BW Congrats I guess? 🥳 You _ought_ to check my @off_grid_living 's well um off grid living and building he does all by hand 😂
(#jhiw7yq) Awesome, @homer I got this too! I would say WebMentions are working as they should, and as expected. I would like to apologise to everyone for the noise. I will work on deploying a dev Yard pod to kee...
(#c4hypoa) @homer Do you expect that behaviour? 🤔 Remember that the `Reply` text is constructed based on who you follow, not who you're replying to. But rethinking this lately makes me _think_ it should do both...
@homer I tried this many times yesterday, and it was a hit or miss, but I was told it is fixed now, so here I am trying again. Please mention me on your reply.
(#2gyqgsa) I don't think *tt* is missing anything, it is just hard—to almost impossible—to be get running at this time. I haven't bugged @lyse to work on that, but it would be super nice to have that client availabl...
(#eo4qq2q) @xuu still at it, eh? 😂 Almost everyone I know who was playing Wordle (or one of its spin offs) is over it already. I never even tried it. Well, not fully true. When I first saw it linked on Hacker Ne...
Oof.. No hints in the first guess.

Wordle 219 4/6*

(#qxckdca) And frankly, why can't hosts like []( behave more like multi-user pods anyway, even if they don't use the same software? I mean when you think about it, `yarnd` is nothing more than an implementation of the specs we'...
(#qxckdca) Without DNS you'd have to remember IPv4 addresses (_or wose IPv6 address_) and it would be rather tedious rather quickly. Why can't we come up with something convenient and similar? 🤔 If Twtxt/Yarn is to continue to grow, I don't see how we ...
(#qxckdca) @lyse I don't really like the approach approach you describe because the only reason that works at all is because my pod happens to have 1,090 feeds cached on it at any given point. 😳 -- I'd like for us t...
(#qxckdca) @prologic That forces everybody on to place their feed at that location. So if Hans decides to rather put his feed at, this would not work. My best guess for `yar...
(#ph5nykq) @jlj I still can't figure how to play this thing 😂🤣 It seems to not be VI friendly 🤦‍♂️
📣 **PSA:** At this point I _believe_ it is prudent to postpone the upcoming `yarn v0.13.x` release until this weekend. Sorry for any inconvenience (_probably none, since most current/active poderators seem to run the `main` branch anyway 😅_) -- Thank y...
(#s47vkla) @darch I guess that's the thing... a microBlogging platform and a CMS have very different characteristics and feature sets and you have to decide what really suits what you're trying to achieve 🤗
(#auztv2q) @jlj FYI you _may_ want to unfollow/refollow @adi as I _believe_ he is now reusing his `` account on my pod, `` I don't believe is coming ...
(#yurtdhq) @<fab gemini://> Evening I'm from Australia/Brisbane 👋
(#xhjwr6q) Speaking of which... @<~duriny> Are you still open to listing your 'twtr' client and do you think it's good enough now to be listed? 🤔
(#nbtnxtq) @<fab gemini://> Good Afternoon/Evening 👋
(#kq2nfrq) @<benk gemini://> Good Afternoon/evening (AEST) 👋
(#2gyqgsa) If you _believe_ `tt` is missing "so many features" you should talk to it's developer @lyse and perhaps help out and contribute in that space, the more (_modern/functionaining_) clients the better 👌
(#c4wsylq) @eldersnake I honestly cannot understand this trend in the industry that now seems to be poisoning the open source community, it's just madness. 🤦‍♂️ Why the fuck would anyone want to u...
@julifmj Hello! 👋 Welcome to my pod 🤗
[47°09′25″S, 126°43′35″W] Dosimeter malfunction
(#qxckdca) In fact []( already has a lookup service we can actually use here. We just need to know about it "somehow" -- But honestly if they're already providing this kind of JSON endpoint, I don't see why they ...
(#duklbbq) Hey @james (again) 👋
(#t3iplna) Hey @james 👋
(#sk6imqq) Ooops this was me, getting confused between my various Browser windows 😅
(#thiinnq) I got it.
@homer again.
@homer how do you do?
Trying this again to see if @homer receives this.
@admin testing again.
Well, I am not sure what's happening, @admin because I haven't done anything different.
@admin another try.
(#j3v22gq) @prologic you have my sword, and my axe. I am even willing to take an arrow to the knee! But, on a more serious note, if that's the case, phew, all good. I like the short name, specially for those ...
(#anefbyq) @<jdtron gemini://> Congrats! 🥳 Welcome to the party 🤗
(#j3v22gq) I see this as a "people" problem not a "technical" one 😁 I'm happy to work with said operators to add support for this 👌
(#4rjll3a) pass is great as is go pass ! 👌 been using both for years now. swear by them!
@admin trying once more.
(#s47vkla) Maybe @markwylde can chime in here 😁
(#qkxrm2q) We do plan to render and embed other Twts based on their Hash or Permalink URI but that's it.
(#owkmooa) @movq Yhe point is also to reduce typing and improve the UX for you know everyone else 🤗

Try to imagine telling someone what your feed is and how to follow it that isn't that great with tech 😆
@admin hoping this will get to you.
(#owkmooa) @movq Just a UX thing 👌
(#di45i7a) Or in this case...

> If it was really that important (_and they don't have you on some kind of IM_); they'll Twt/Yarn back 😅
(#di45i7a) @lyse 's point is spot on here with regards to "fear of missing out" 😂

As a father, children go through this all the time in real life 🤣 So I understand.

However we will also never build support for any...
Hey @adi 👋 I see somewhere in my timeline that you're back! (_still catching up this morning 😂_) Welcome back buddy! 🤗
(#c4wsylq) So... Not even Open Source Linux Desktop Environments such as KDE **are not** immune from this bullshit model of "steal all your data" ?! 🤦‍♂️ Farrk me 😳
@eldarcur Hey there! 👋 Welcome to md pod (_one of many_) 🤗 Welcome to 🥳
(#qxckdca) @<~duriny'>> In the case of multi-user community-based hosting services such as []( and []( and others... Why can't I work with the operators of those ser...
(#qlqckyq) Will stop wasting time, and bandwidth now. It ain't working, and that's final. Sorry @james!
@james I am testing a WebMention like we did before, to your development Yarn instance, to see if it is an issue with the main pod. If this works, they my theory is correct.
(#l6sm5ba) @<~duriny> that is a question that's worth debating. Open [an issue]( for it, and I will tag it as discussion to see what people think. Being on the minimalistic ...
(#anefbyq) Hashes work like, so sweetly! They help to keep conversations (or yarns, like we call them on []( organised and on topic. :-)
Official Spokesbird for Conservation
(#35k6f3a) @stigatle two children in my family got it too—the Omicron variant. They are 5 and 7, and were for the most part asymptomatic. The 7 years old got running and stuffy nose, but that was all for her....
don't mind me, I'm just snacking some kakapo wings
(#l6sm5ba) @lyse I was thinking about the same. I am one of the few who peeks at the raw feed, but most people using Yarn will not. Now, the description people will for sure see.
(#xzrfmqq) @fastidious Hahaha, I clearly didn't know that term. :-D Thank you for the explanation!
(#j3v22gq) No worries, @fastidious, I didn't see that issue either when we discussed on IRC. Luckily, @<~duriny> spotted the flaw right away and saves @<prologic...
(#35k6f3a) @stigatle oh crap, so sorry mate! Plenty of rest, and fluids. If things get worse—which I wish and hope they don't—get to see a doctor right away.
ten billion american (passenger pigeon)s
(#l6sm5ba) If you really care about it, you should probably put it in the [`description`](, @<~duriny>, as it probably won't get picked up by `yarnd` otherw...
(#s47vkla) @darch I am afraid it is simply not possible and, even if it were, of no use for people not using Yarn. You either embed a video by uploading it (which renders as a link to those not using Yarn), or j...
(#owkmooa) @movq Correct. You put it much simpler than I did. ;-)
(#xzrfmqq) @lyse I have seeing dogs on @off_grid_living before, I don't think he has a cat (I might be wrong, though). A cat walk is not for a cat. It simply means ...
(#4rjll3a) @lyse Go for it! There’s even a Firefox plugin. 🤯
(#uqw3bdq) @movq Ah, I see. Makes sense. Oh my god, that's really cool, I didn't know about ^S and ^Q! I'm sure that will come in handy next time. :-) Thanks, mate! \o/
(#owkmooa) @lyse Ahh, so the point is to mention people from feeds you don’t follow yet? 🤔
(#4rjll3a) @<benk gemini://> Lol, you’re right, of course. %) “New” as in “I just started using it”. :D I should have used it right from the start, but I didn’t know about it back in 2012 – so I wrote my own thing back then (pretty...
(#l6sm5ba) @<~duriny> my apologies for assuming. I normally look at the person's profile (on Yarn) for a description. Some like to list their pronoun there, which makes it easier. Now, why I assumed Duriny was a he, a...
(#j3v22gq) @lyse ahh, touché! I am a bloody idiot. With the format being discussed (that is, `@nick@fqdn.tld`) is impossible, you are right. I got confused by the simple fact that, indeed a meta can be added to the ...
(#uqw3bdq) @lyse I usually do ^Z when a) I quickly want to read some previous output from the same terminal or b) when there’s special “context” that I want to preserve. Like, the current directory, maybe a Python v...
(#xzrfmqq) @off_grid_living That's a nice king and prisoner story. Yep, for a cat that opening should be plenty big enough. For the breeze to enter anyways.
(#qxckdca) @fastidious Hm, how would you tell yarnd to `HEAD'>` rather than `HEAD` to look for the HTTP `Link` header or `<link>` tag in the body?
(#xzrfmqq) Once a king captured by another king, was offered freedom if he could fit through a tiny door, the king gave the prisoner king meals every day, and the prisoner never managed to lose weight. The door is going to be used as a cat walk outside...
(#4rjll3a) @movq That is still on my bucket list. But with that great experience of yours I may end up tackling it even sooner.
(#qxckdca) @lyse but he can write to ~/duriny/, and keep an index.html there with the meta tags. As I see it, it should work just fine. I shall test it later this afternoon, as I have accounts on a few tildes around.
(#4rjll3a) @<benk gemini://> new is, of course, a relative term. If this is the first time @movq is working with it, then it is new to him, right? ☺️
(#uqw3bdq) @movq Wow, that's a brilliant response time! I'm using a tiling window manager, too, but I'm rarely ^Z-ing. Never grew the habit of doing that. Just two things come to mind: if the console output scrol...
(#px6ifpq) @kayos Exactly, don't waste time on the internet if you're doing real-world stuff. :-) You don't know that you missed important internet stuff, because, well, you missed it. And because you missed it,...
(#qxckdca) @<~duriny> That's indeed a problem and does not work, since you probably don't have access to anything outside of /~duriny/.
Finished my migration to [pass]( today. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been excited about new software. 😁 The list of `pass` clients is pretty impressive. I’ve also finally made peace with GPG Agent and I actually l...
(#owkmooa) @movq Just a yarnd UI improvement thing as far as I understand it. But, of course can also be implemented in other clients. Although its usefulness is probably very limited. Since traditional twtxt cli...
become oviparous
the name Allosaurus is really funny to me for some reason. I imagine two biologists standing over a set of giant bones, and one saying to the other “Yeah, I think this is a different kind of lizard than what we usually have to deal with.”
(#qxckdca) @<~duriny> it will work under your tilde, as it is the root of your website (where your twtxt.txt file is). @prologic can correct me if I am wrong.
(#sl3r34q) @adi Welcome back!
(#owkmooa) @prologic Am confused. Would this show up anywhere in the feeds or is this just a Yarn usability thing? 🤔
(#uqw3bdq) Aaaaaand it’s fixed, weeeeeeeeee 🥳 (I’m still baffled that this hit so few people. Has ^Z grown out of fashion? I would have expected there to be a ton of Vim users on Arch with tiling window managers, who use ^Z all the time …)
[47°09′28″S, 126°43′44″W] Reading: 0.19 Sv
(#sl3r34q) @adi woah! Look who the cat brought in! 😂 Welcome back from your sabbatical, mate! How’s mkws?
📣 **RFC:** [Twtxt URI Lookups and supporting #742
]( -- Please have a read and provide yoru feedback either here in this Yarn or there in the comments on the Issue. 🙇‍♂️
(#px6ifpq) Hahahaha, @eaplmx! :-D Now I had to go over to to see what kind of emoji that is. I guessed either thumbs up or thumbs down.

To make things clear: I don't have a problem with those kind of...
(#bwz3saq) @eaplmx Bwaahhahahahaaaaa! This is bloody brilliant! I actually can't stop laughing. Very nice job, you definitely made my day! :'-D
[47°09′41″S, 126°43′59″W] Transfer aborted
(#ohawbzq) @fastidious Sorry my friend, I just couldn't resist. This was just a beautiful forward pass I was not able to miss (not sure whether that saying translates well). My sincere apologies. ...
(#cyaddnq) @sorenpeter If it says "pixel", it should make use of a pixel font. To me that would be consistent. Well, at least you chose a monospace font. ;-)
it annoys me way too much, it shuold be Caelum Conterrens Est. Latin is SOV
(#x47vufq) You should get yourself a crystal ball, @fastidious, and work independently! Your prediction is spot on. The game already died for me. I spent a few hours playing. At first just thinkin...
(#q47mada) @fastidious Nice science experiment, that's for sure. And a tasty one, too.
(#ohawbzq) @lyse I saw what you did there, bad, bad, baaaaaaaad boy! :-) You see, I even accommodate to your terminal lack of Emoji, and fall back to the safe one for you to use. I am all heart!
(#k5cl2xq) @lyse Okay I'm sold. `rel="twtxt"` is is 👌
(#px6ifpq) @prologic So if one just hits a thumbs-up/down/whatever button, there's just the information that the original content pleases/is crap/whatever. Now on a sidenote, interpreting the meaning of the b...
Life in 2022 is very textual.
(#seknsra) @sorenpeter This XSS attempt looks very similar to @movq's screenshot in `tt`: ![HTML "rendered" in `tt`]( <script>alert("Congrats, d...
(#cyaddnq) @sorenpeter I like number three a lot.
(#k5cl2xq) @prologic Maybe just "twtxt" as the link relation. No need for a "-uri" suffix in my opinion. But I have to admit, I'm not sure, whether others have such a suffix. To me it sounds redundant since i...
In politics, whenever I hear the word “unity,” to paraphrase the famous words of a German politico of the 1930’s, “I reach for my revolver.” For almost always, “unity” is a scam, a call to abandon principle and follow the leader into some form of tyran...
Since the new `@nick@domain.tld` and the parser are having slight issues, I will use the "old" method for now, to WebMention someone on a Yarn pod. Hello, @eaplmx! 😂
@prologic (#k5cl2xq) 
I think this should be called **twtxt-url** yarn is a great contribution, however standards should be twtxt based. Otherwise people will think you are trying to take over with yarn. Just...
(#k5cl2xq) This works for any []( pod as well as the []( service. It _can_ also work for any other Twtxt user as well by just simply adding the following to the root/index page of yo...
(#k5cl2xq) For anyone else reading this... What @fastidious is talking about here is a re-introduction of the `@foo@domain` syntax which we're going to dub "Yarn Handle" (_unless anyone else has a...
(#bwz3saq) Oh, and in case I didn't make me case clear, **I hate** little replies. That might give someone the impression that I am a hateful guy. I am not. I simply like content, and substance, and a twt with "Cool!" or "🤣🤣🤣" isn't that.
(#s47vkla) @darch Regardless though, we're not doing anything with iframes Uggh 🤮 Sorry 🤗 We can find another way to solve your "problem" 👌
(#bwz3saq) @fastidious Whilst I sympathize with your view on "little twts", the _thing_ is we have to be empathic of others and how others like to engage with others. Yes "short replies" can well ...
(#cb3akeq) @fastidious Fine okay I'll believe you 😅
(#cyaddnq) @sorenpeter I _think_ @thecanine should give you some critique on those logos 😅 Visuals are not my strong suit 😂
(#bwz3saq) @kayos on this I very much agree with you. You see, I am pedantic to an unhealthy extreme, and I honestly dislike things like these you mention. There are occasions I want to show I like, or I agree w...
@jlj (#cb3akeq) mastodon for books. I like, thanks.
(#cb3akeq) @prologic no, no, no, you haven't seeing BookWyrm. It is a specialised, decentralised, book and social reading and reviewing solution. It looks pretty neat, and niche. No comparison, and not possib...
(#pcdq7uq) @thecanine I love your style of thinking 😍
(#x47vufq) @movq it is just the latest fad. It popped on Hacker News pretty much at the same time it popped on, Reddit, Twitter, and the like (maybe even on Facebook, who knows!). I am sure the euphoria...
(#q47mada) @lyse I am sure we have gotten a few corona pizzas, and cheese sticks, and bread sticks, and lava cakes. I normally put them in an 235°C oven for five minutes after bringing them home, but still. I guess ...
(#px6ifpq) @lyse Can you elaborate a bit on what you meant by:

> And this makes it possible to spark other ideas, discussions, etc. As for bots, I’m 100% with @darch. You ju...
(#n252jtq) @lyse @movq The thing is `yarnd` always supported the use of WebMentions -- It's been broken for a while because well priorities and we desperately need to slow dow...
(#olijdpa) @lyse No you're right, it's a stupid idea and we shouldn't do it for all the reasons @thecanine spelled out 😂
(#s47vkla) @darch Why can't you just link to the Youtube video itself as a normal link? I _really_ have a problem with Youtube, not only do they royally completely fuck up serving Videos in the first place (_DRM...
(#px6ifpq) Thank you, @prologic, usually I hike with rather light gear, though. ;-) @kayos To me it appears, if you get *real* feedback, not just a simple reaction, it...
(#n252jtq) @movq Very interesting ideas! I think this needs to boil a little bit in our heads, before we can come to a conclusion.
(#olijdpa) @prologic Hmmm, ok. I think you have to elaborate a bit more on that. I'm not sure what the display name will help with. I fear it will cause confusion with the nick and mentions suddenly not worki...
(#seknsra) `yarnd` does not permit this at all, and strips and sanitizes for security reasons. Sorry @darch 😅 -- Really `tt` / `jenny` ought to do the same, but since they are TUI clients it doesn't matter 😉
(#s47vkla) @darch Sorry what?! 😅 I haven't seen anyone seriously use `<iframe>`(s) in over 20 years 😂 You can't be serious? 🤣 -- What are you trying to do? Or what feature request/idea do you have in mind? 🤔
[Victoria Laundry (Windsor) Ltd v Newman Industries Ltd](
(#xzrfmqq) @fastidious Oh no, this plan is severely flawed! You're absolutely right.
(#x47vufq) @fastidious Hahaha, this is neat! :-) Thanks. @movq Not sure, @xuu told me about it. Haven't heard it be...
(#seknsra) @darch Well, for me, it looks like this:


(#q47mada) @fastidious How long did it finally take to get your pizza corona?
(#pcdq7uq) @prologic Yes, like @movq this is the first time I heard about this. Reading the excerpt, I couldn't care less. This topic doesn't interest me at all. ;-)
(#wxhy2lq) @prologic Cool, now even with grid power! Although it seems the inspector's approval is yet missing. Let's move in, anyways!
(#seknsra) @sorenpeter Bless you!
(#wxhy2lq) @prologic Those things look really strange and cartoon-like. 🤔
[47°09′04″S, 126°43′34″W] Transfer 25% complete...
(#2wh7r4q) @thecanine No the mobile app is still a bit behind at the moment sorry 🤗
(#wxhy2lq) @kayos Some kind of megnetic blocks 😁
(#gmsxx5q) @thecanine Haha 😆
(#2wh7r4q) @thecanine Different issue entirely 😁
My builder has a new design 😆 ![](
(#px6ifpq) @kayos Instead of me spelling out the details, why don't we work together and improve the software and ecosystem to prevent or reduce the kinds of abuses you're thinking about 🤔

For example; rate-li...
(#crdwpqq) @kayos No worries 😂
(#px6ifpq) @kayos Yes that is possible but actually quite hard to do on purpose 🤗 And it's already been tested 👌
(#px6ifpq) And more importantly, say why too! This is an important human aspect. If someone has (_for example_) walked many miles with heavy gear on to go take nice pictures of nature and then share them with the world, you should be courteous to say s...
(#px6ifpq) In practise, if you like something, just say so. It actually works quite well in reality 👌
(#px6ifpq) @kayos Yeah loo we've debated this time and time again, and every time single this comes up the answer is the same. If we don't stick to the original projects goals and vision here and the ethical/mor...
(#crdwpqq) @kayos Or you _could_ just hack on [bitraft]( 😅
(#lhg6p4q) @lyxal Oh don't worry about it 🤗 It's all good mate! 😅

We're still looking forward to new posts from you with new #<rockpile>(s) 👌
Don't worry I haven't forgotten about twtxt it's just that my life doesn't really have that much interesting to share right now.
(#px6ifpq) The bottom line is this, and it's something my old man @off_grid_living has taught me over many decades of wisdom:

> If you don't have something good to say, don't say it.

You can extend t...
(#px6ifpq) The number one driving factor of Facebook for example (_I used to work there_); is:

> Driving up engagement

Publicly they like to tell people:

> We connect people to each other

Or some such bullshit. But it's not true.
(#px6ifpq) @kayos No. We will never do this. If you read the [About]( page you'll understand why. The short answer is this:

Supporting reactions, like, counters, trend...
(#pcdq7uq) @movq Yeah I realize it's new. Well let's keep an eye on the progression here this new EU policy and try ot make sure we do everything in our power (_as little as that may be_) to ensure the "right" po...
(#pcdq7uq) @prologic Not much. First time I heard about it, to be honest. 🙈 Scrolling through the articles on [](, it *could* be a good thing? ...
[47°09′38″S, 126°43′39″W] Sample analyzing complete -- starting transfer
(#x47vufq) @fastidious Lol, where does this wordle hype come from? 🤣 All I see lateley is wordle here, wörtle there. 🤣
(#tpsm4ja) @prologic I dont get it. What am I looking at? The domain 8s missing for me
I always end up on the 4th try

Wordle 217 4/6

(#q47mada) @fastidious Oh geez 🤦‍♂️
(#gmsxx5q) Are we reallly still talking about the Year of the Linux Desktop?! 🤦‍♂️
(#tpsm4ja) @fastidious It most certainly did and does 🥳
(#qsdvgvq) @fastidious I'm done with this 👌 All systems go! 🥳
(#cb3akeq) @jlj @fastidious I do wonder though how much you could achieve by just using a Yarn pod with a specific interest group? 🤔
(#pcdq7uq) @movq / @lyse What can you tell us about these incoming changes to EU policy? 🤔
(#2wh7r4q) I guess so 🥳
(#2wh7r4q) I wonder if it works from the mobile app since it's done server-side Hmmmm 🤔 @james 🤔
(#2wh7r4q) Ahh brilliant 👌
(#2wh7r4q) Umm hello?! What about @prologic excuse me 🤔
Testing new `yarn-uri` syntax for @-mentions in the form of `@nick@domain` for a couple of feeds/pods that now support this like @james @tiktok and myself prologic@...
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