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@leveck the ... /usr ... thumbdrive ...?
Some of the random comments are pretty good too tbh cc @reddit
reddit is going to be hitting 30 billion comments in the next few months
oh! the @reddit api supports CORS now. I should pay closer attention to these things. Thanks reddit!
RT @HousewifeOfHell: *makes long to-do list *views entire internet instead Gee, where does the time go?
/me er ved at flytte til Bornholm, så denne fil kan være helt eller delvis utilgængelig i op til en uge…
/me is in the process of moving to Bornholm; feed may be down for up to a week. Please have patience.
Forget hurricanes, tornadoes, or tsunami; you are the most destructive force in this world.
Office buildings cut off mid-air, rectangular patches of pink weeds, homeless people who dupe-bug the same soylent bag for a year to survive
Too much computation in one place wears out the matrix, it starts failing near datacenters. Once-bustling tech hubs give way to glitch belts
Today is Boomtime, the 73rd day of Bureaucracy in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3183.
New features in the @reddit_stream app this week - pull to refresh, see the comment you are replying to, and a better account upgrade proc
Stop trying to fix the user ⌘
Is love a paradigm? Is love based on patterns of thought? Some say yes. But is that all love is?
I did not think I would ever read '... is extremely fast. Its performance is similar to that of Java...'
@kas I guess what I mean is, ‘mentions’ don’t actually do anything.
You drop your phone, a twinkling cloud escapes the shattered screen, and even weeks later you still find pixels in your clothes
Today is Sweetmorn, the 72nd day of Bureaucracy in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3183.
@quite Det tager under 1 time fra Malmö til Ystad og 1 t 20 m med katamaranen fra Ystad til Rønne, så nu har du et udflugtsmål til næste sommer ;)
@quite, do you also remember how the yellow stuff that oozes from a ladybug when you squeeze her tastes? ;)
@kasdk Ser som upplagt för "slow living", rätt gott... och fin by, har inte varit på Bornholm, än!
@kas I do remember that taste ... also from much more recent years :)
@joel, What do you mean by “doesn't do mentions”?
@quite Nej, jeg flytter til et byhus i den gamle bydel i Rønne ⌘ Men jeg har en svaghed for sådan nogle mini-huse. ;)
@quite It makes for the most delicious bread. Do you remember the taste of the soft part of a grass straw when we were kids? That's how newly milled grains taste like. I'm using a Fidibus Classic, btw ⌘ http://www.getreide...
@kas Wow, grain mill, hardcore #baking
@kasdk cool, flyttar du till ett minihus!?
Tiny House Living ⌘
RT @BellTowerTimez: You never look drunker than when you've just knocked over a glass and you're trying to explain it's not due to your alc…
Stop accepting or rejecting and just look.
Retweeting because useful
PSA: #xcode 9 supports Shift-Tab to un-indent a block, instead of only the #macOS standard with the square bracket that I can never remember
I see twtxt still doesn't do mentions or public follow lists after a year and a half *thinking face*
toroidian meetup is wednesday 19:00 (sphere time, zero-meridian), donuts of course provided, higher genera welcome as well
the society for topological diversity admits earthers of all convictions: round, flat (all projections), ovoid, piroid, potatoid
It's been a while since I used Mutt but the keystrokes come back quickly and they feel good
Computers weren't made to understand speech, humans were. When voice interfaces finally succeed, they're implantable voices, whisperfriends,
@matthall2000 @flutterio Cool, I'll give it a look. Thanks for the tip!
You can tell you're entering the bad parts of the forest by the pixie graffiti on the leaves
@tfurrows Yes, I look forward to start using my grain mill and baking bread again (am in the process of moving). :)
@mdom Congrats. I need to get me one of those.
gopher:// is now a thing.
I don't know what the answer is, but I do know that it doesn't involve being mean on Twitter
Good morning, several people!
RT @reddit_random: ayy lmao
A lot of the time is the edit build test cycle. On web - time to move the mouse and click refresh. Native - about 30s to build and restart
Dialog was literally a days work. Would have take me an hour on the web. Native dev takes soo much longer
@kas no knead bread is awesome, and very flexible in the recipes!
Is there hope for anyone outside of your belief system?
was a bit worried about upgrading to #xcode 9, but it really is *way* better for swift
Today is Prickle-Prickle, the 70th day of Bureaucracy in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3183.
add a number of vibration motors and you also have force feedback, let it not harden at all and you have a screen but for hands
free idea: a silicone putty with sensors in it that can harden as whatever controller you want
Uge 42 begynder #DK
Just connected Plex and Hue on my Fire TV Stick. Awesome! <3
The Antarctic Glacier Preservation Dam, also known as "Sauron's Crown" for its characteristic glacier breakers, is a human megastructure in