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Today is Boomtime, the 1st day of Confusion in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3184.
I'm loving the new CHVRCHES album.
Happy to see twtxt flourishing!
Effort is separation.
Whenever you're near the sample, the geiger counter's ticking turns regular, modulated, like some kind of radio hail
The searcher might get caught up in what they think is there, or what they think might happen. But these very ideas of what may or may not be, solidify the problem even more.
Yet in our closet, the secret passage led directly into Hell. When we were young, we used it to scare the other kids with their regular fantasylands, as we got older we sometimes went there alone to remind ourselves how much worse it could be.
one neat application of mind-reading tech is that you can finally sound out how people's text sounds in your head
Interesting stuff. Font Steganography:
PGP developers statement regarding #EFFail
the sun comes out and you step outside, or at least you try since you can't seem to connect with the ground, the air is full of brilliant amorphous jewels, drops drift by before your eyes
someone turns off gravity mid-rainstorm and the trees violently shake off all the water on their leaves, puddles rise into the air, the remaining randrops bounce off everything, some enter orbits around statically charged chimneys and antennas
@freemor (re video) it has english subtitles.
@mdosch Thanks for posting the video it demonstrates it rather well.. just wish there was an english version for my less polyglot friends
If your shop assistant was an app (hidden camera)
You have seen this clearly. With every perception, you become the greatest teacher you’ll ever need.
embots: like sexbots, but instead a superstimulus for empathy; often used on the streets as beggars or political activists (which is why sometimes, the cute animal rights girl in front of you explodes in a shower of sparks and broken parts as yet anoth...
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Hot off the presses.. Gory new threat out there for some routers. All the Tech Details so far:
at least for the "caught in a novel" version of the simulation hypothesis, you only need to start worrying once the world starts making sense in a narrative way
@freemor (re: TLS) Done, thanks for the update!
If there is an age of enlightenment, it is now. It has always been now. It is within every moment of every second, in every petal of every flower, and it is inescapable.
Anyone wishing to update my feed is now available at via TLS
Today is Pungenday, the 70th day of Discord in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3184.
Added “Om krisen eller kriget kommer” [PDF] ⌘ keybase://public/kseistrup/pdf/sv/msb_om_krisen_eller_kriget_kommer_maj_2018.pdf
Experience is a solidified and unchanging state, born from a unique and ever changing moment.
@pete (re: OEIS) Sounds like a fun game!! :)
Today is Boomtime, the 69th day of Discord in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3184.
@kas OEIS is great fun. i remember ages ago playing "guess the sequence" on IRC, taking turns posting sequences and trying to work out the pattern
OH: Poettering is my BDSM safeword.
If you want to investigate, begin with your own beliefs.
@brad_frost @benschwarz They’re alright visually if you put line breaks between the terms imo
coral reef druids who can stay underwater for hours, wear little reefs on their heads and seagrass on their bodies, are surrounded by fishes whenever they dive, talk to them in mute dance
sitting in the grass together, occasionally grabbing pieces of cloud out of the sky to build palaces, puzzles, cryptids
Today is Sweetmorn, the 68th day of Discord in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3184.
Uge 21 begynder #DK
SpotX 2-way satellite messenger ⌘
The should be is not a fact; the wanting to be is. All of this begins with what we have, as painful as it may be.
Today is Setting Orange, the 67th day of Discord in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3184.