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Ah, l'install vers Win10 qui semble avoir fail. Bon bah, va falloir que je fasse un vrai DVD et peut-être une installation propre.
and up it goes again
queue went up to 980 at some point and it's slowly going down, guess something was clogging
"Is it me or is my instance lagging?" *open Sidekiq* okay woa there
So I'm using i3 again after giving up on it for a while. And yeah it's pretty usable after all, even without that much configuration
Moi: "t'es où ?" Aussi moi: ouvrir Google Maps pour voir la position de la personne
@Mijkami ok vu
The curious case of the Raspberry Pi in the network closet #Shaarli
cloudflare dashboard is down
(inb4 bluescreen)
Bon bah, voilà ce que je fais en fin d'après-midi...
If the self hopes to be compassionate, is compassion there at all?
@db ... You mean 1.5 years I guess
@metamurks Thanks for mentioning #Gnubee hadn't heard of them before.
Today is Sweetmorn, the 16th day of Chaos in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3185.
Bon bah le passage de mon #YunoHost depuis mon Raspi 2 au Raspi 3 s'est bien passé, en utilisant les sauvegardes. (Enfin, j'ai quand même copié-collé le /var/lib/mysql à la main car j'avais plus mes flux FreshRSS.)
This is SpaceX’s very first human crew #Shaarli
RGPD : le, le grand n’importe quoi ⌘
@ZekStaurn Depuis Android ? C'est arrivé dans la version de test il y a moins de 2 semaines mais c'était pas toujours actif.
Oh nice, le partage de ce qu'on écoute depuis Spotify sur Android passe dans Discord maintenant.
@Otaku9999 Attends, tu l'as accorchée dans les toilettes ? :'D
Why do I keep forgetting what I wanted to do 1.5 seconds ago.
This is your life. Only your discoveries, free from the muddy paw prints of others, shine in the darkness.
@vincentimes peut-être que le noeud en france est down, suffit de check
@vincentimes oh, pas chez moi alors
@vincentimes go, ou
A Theory of Flight | Better Worlds #Shaarli
guess I _did_ fix a big issue last week
@metamurks Bandcamp is the best
So I died in the 'Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup' tutorial :/
@Shookaite You're totally right, I wasn't saying that like it was bad thing. Just noticed the difference from the bar or the browser.
@Shookaite the terminal font size is huge
(#lastrt it's an old tweet btw)
Is it in your mind that enlightened people should follow a certain path, dress a certain way, or talk a certain way? Are you looking for truth, or more comfort?
Uge 3 begynder #DK
Is Organic Really Better? Healthy Food or Trendy Scam? #Shaarli
@MrKelisi outch, tunnelbear plus jamais depus le rachat par mcafee
the fuck am I watching
Train travel information UK, Europe, Worldwide… ⌘
Thought is the only suffering. Nothing else.
Okay, that was $150k in 15 minutes to reach the $2M. #AGDQ19
wow the counter has been going non-stop crazy for over 5 minutes now #AGDQ2019
Hmmm... looking at my logs it looks like the current spam storm is designed to bypass standard greylisting techniques. Luckily I don't use those. But stll, It's gonna be no fun for those that are.
holy crap they're doing it again
Today is Pungenday, the 13th day of Chaos in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3185.
wtf the commentary by this runner is awesome
Et c'est parti pour une longue nuit
Ah, ça commence à tomber.
lol chimene badi qui passe deuxième uniquement parce que c'est probablement le seul nom qui dit qqch aux gens
Your bear is being printed! [3D printed Bear]
Si Discord est de nouveau opé à 21 heures, ça aura été le downtime qui aura passé pile entre les gouttes pour mes rendez-vous
Consciousness is the same as the content it contains. There is no consciousness if there is no experience, no memory, no thought.