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[47º09'31"S, 126º43'51"W] Rebooting... : Liens intéressants autour du libre, de la programmation Why OpenBSD rocks
You Might Not Need JavaScript Des résumés bien pratiques.
xkcd: Password Strength : Comment définir un bon mot de passe.
Idiotbox: Youtube interface - Codemadness : Interface à youtube propre
txti - Fast web pages for everybody : Création de site pour petites bandes passantes
0x0 : clone de clbin pour uploader des fichiers
nord : Un thème très reposant pour les applications ou pour un site.
✉ Guerrilla Mail - Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address : Mail temporaire
Encoder en VP9 : VP9 encodeur génial
Domain Age Tool - Check the Age of Your Domain Name : Trouve l'age d'un domaine
tinyjpg : Optimisation d'image en ligne. Il y a même une API.
UTF-8 Icons - Your no.1 source for UTF-8 character icons
Markdown Reference : listes de badip pour pf
XKPasswd - Secure Memorable Passwords
Attrape Nuages — Low-tech Lab : serveur de clé bien pratique à utiliser et bien documenté
division by zero miam
Beamer Theme Matrix : aperçu de tous les thèmes beamer
I have a baseless theory that one reason so much software is never *done* is because of things like SCRUM and AGILE that reduce done-ness to such small chunks teams loose sight of the larger goal Microblogging décentralisé indépendant
@prologic Yeah, I can see the new user agent now. Very nice. Again, thanks a lot! 👍️
Oh boi! 😳 Sorry for the @twtxt bot flood! 😂 It needs some debounce logic hmmm 🤔
@vain You now have better UA support with the token callback we talked about. Tested it fully locally and was happy enough so its merged now and rolled out to all pods. 👌
@arnauld (#<2ifgubq>) Nice! 👌 Thank you for support our efforts! cc @dooven you have a new user 😎
(#<45fhlxa>) @vain Inspired by that repo, I also started [posix-shell-scripts]( a while back which also contains some useful ti...
@vain (#<45fhlxa>) Yup it is! Used this repo to save my bacon plenty of times 😁
A gold mine when writing shell scripts:
[47º09'27"S, 126º43'25"W] Carrier too weak
@<z3bra gopher://> One advantage of using HTTP for twtxt is easy discovery of other people: You can see who follows you be evaluating their user agent. How could we translate that to Gopher? Add a search parameter?
@neilblaze Love your Tagline btw 😀

> Trying to learn how to learn ;)

(#<og7kmbq>) So the "mobile friendly narbar" part has been fixed since that posting... But there are other mobile UI/UX issues that still need to be addressed on the Web App. You are more than welcome to help us! 🙇‍...
@neilblaze (#<og7kmbq>)

> Also, the I think that the styling of login panel needs a bit of improvement. Can anyone tell me where to jump in?

You can jump right into the...
@neilblaze (#<og7kmbq>) Hello! 👋 Welcome to my Twtxt pod and our little growing community here! 🤗 I posted that particular job on [OpenSourceDesign](https://opensourcedes...
Non-essentials fall away to reveal the necessities.
@dilbert (#<mkincoq>) So true! these days you see people using hand sanitizers all over the place! you even see people use hand sanitizers even after you know 100% that the...
Defining functions in my live-updating structured editor for postfix:
@antonio (#<2wld7ha>) Also I _think_ WriteFreely's [Hosting Pricing Model}( is a bit interesting. 1) I think it's too much IHMO 2) All the...
@antonio (#<2wld7ha>) So is built on twtxt.txt, Self-Hosted Twtxt Pods and Fully Managed Twtxt Pods 😀
@antonio (#<2wld7ha>) Yup 😁 Great ideas are not unique but borrowed or inspired 😎 Yhe other thing to remember is we built on a 3rd pre-existing format, twtxt.txt
@prologic (#<2wld7ha>) yeah it is a different format. But all the other ideas are very similar. Insances and paid hosting.
@antonio (#<2wld7ha>) It primarily supports only long-form / blogging and uses ActiciryPub. In practice I found the whole ActivifyPub thing a bit cumbersome, for example co...
@antonio (#<2wld7ha>) Yup I’m familiar with it! 😎 ran it for a short while... 😁
@prologic I have stumbled upon a very interesting blogging / publishing software [built in go]( they also promote their [instances]( T...
(#<mhlxgeq>) I pronounce it as “twit-i-zens” 🤣
Today is Prickle-Prickle, the 2nd day of The Aftermath in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3186.
Mirning Twtizens 😴☕️
Upgrade to OpenBSD done without a glitch. Kudos, people.
I think our local city council needs to water their grass! 😳 ![](
You have no problems.
Hey @twilightsparkle 👋 How it going? 🤗
Today is Pungenday, the 1st day of The Aftermath in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3186.
@slashdot @off_grid_living @kt84 (#<arnesla>) hmmm some of the /. article comme...
@slashdot (#<arnesla'>>) ooh this looks good! 👌 An Australian made hydrogen fuel cell that stores 40 kWh of power and only cost AU$35,000! cc @<off_grid_living https://twtx...
@vain (#<4ltmbla>) That’s pretty cool 😎
This is from Linux Gizmos ![](
@gmj (#<mzjyzaq>) Thank you I’ll have a read 🙇‍♀️
My twtxt client seems to be broken.
So, my little twtxt client now writes to a Maildir that I can browse using mutt. *Much* better. Also: It tries to detect threads.
Huh, gdb now has colors. That’s nice.
@prologic (#<docs7cq>) Congrats! 🥃️
Isn't it nice?
@antonio @dooven @ionores (#<docs7cq>) I’m definitely celebrating! 🍺![](https://twtxt.n...
📣 **ANN:** Finally after ~2 weeks of hard work (_just to get the Mobile App through the relevant app stores_) we finally have Goryon (_Themobilel App for pods_) on both the [App Store](
Forget hurricanes, tornadoes, or tsunami; you are the most destructive force in this world.
@ionores (#<pbv2u7a>) I think we could come up with a rather large list of these sitcom/drummer TV shows that are really otherwise quite terrible 😂 (_ but to be fair some p...
The same local Jewelery store has this today 📷 ![]( 👌😂
@ionores did you change your avatar recently? I like it 👌
@ionores @antonio (#<5kamq5a>) Oh no I forgot about that one! That has to be one of the worst Australian TV shows ever made! 🤣🤦‍♂️
@ionores @prologic (#<5kamq5a>) Did you leave out "Neighbours" on purpose? 😉
@ionores (#<5kamq5a>) LOL Baywatch... Classic!
Today is Boomtime, the 73rd day of Bureaucracy in the Year of Our Lady of Discord 3186.
(#<td2nyhq>) 🤣😂😎👌 "The Simpsons"™ rock!
@ionores (#<td2nyhq>) Has to be "The Simpsons" 🤣
@ionores (#<ttf3lna>) Oh yeah don't think I've watched it to be honest. Is it any good or just as sloppy as every other drama/sitcom 😀
@ionores (#<ttf3lna>) Eh? Australian what?🤔
On Nova FM this morning:

> There’s an Amber alert out this morning for 33-year-old man that took a three-year-old girl from her home...

#<Australia> #<Brisbane>
Uge 43 begynder #DK
@ionores (#<5kamq5a>) Never heard of that one, US show?
@prologic @ionores (#<5kamq5a>) In the same category of awfulness with shows like "Blue Heelers", "Home and Away" and "Country P...
@ionores (#<5kamq5a>) That show was gawd awful 🤣
@ionores (#<5kamq5a>) Haha! 🤣 Bay Watch right? 😳 (_man showing me age!_)
@marado @prologicnet (#<bopc7kq>) Thank you! Now I can have conversations with you on Twtxt like thi one! 😂 welcome back to the cool new way to social media 🤗
@antonio (#<5kamq5a>) Wow that’s pretty! @kt84 did we ever see this when we lived in the US? 🏞👌
@felixp7 (#<7elnopa>) Thanks for the TL;DR too! I didn’t scroll up to see it so I got my wife to skim read the article for me and summarize it! 😂
@felixp7 (#<7elnopa>) I wouldn’t say that compilers are ubiquitous, just that the one most commonly used compiler is ubiquitous.
@felixp7 (#<7elnopa>) Nice article thanks! I find the same sets of problems with Java too! 😳
View of Ocean Beach from Sutro Heights, San Francisco- California
Spricht etwas dagegen, dass ich mich taufen lasse?!
Solitaire is a really inefficient and buggy sorting algorithm.
Wochenspruch 43 / 2020
@gmj (#<tsvhqdq>) Btw... You _should_ read my [Hacktober Blog Post](, if you're any good with progra...
@gmj (#<tsvhqdq>) Oh _should_ have mentioned this before, but (_and other pods_) also have an API, this means we can do interesting things like for exam...
@gmj (#<tsvhqdq>) Re "Your identity is your Twt URI", to be honest I'm not 100% convinced of this per se. What if you decide to change where/how you host your `twtxt.txt` fe...
@gmj (#<67nxkja>) Thanks! I'll have a read! I used to (_before I started twtxt.net_) use a nice command-line client written in Go by @quite cal...
(#<tsvhqdq>) I use Go for the backend so it's a very basic Regex engine. If you want to play with the regex online you can use [this tool]( You can find the [documented syntax that Go u...
@gmj (#<jvclmpq>) Can you hit me up on the [/support]( form with your email address/name/etc so I can work this out with you? Thanks! 😀
@gmj (#<jvclmpq>) But to be clear... Whilst I'm the pod owner of this particular pod, I would not condone "poking at the database" and "figuring out if an account/feed can b...
@gmj (#<jvclmpq>) Hmm good question. I guess you didn't create that account? 📷 ![]( (_or did you by accident?_) I'd have to g...
(#<tsvhqdq>) Re "Conversations". Please read my blog post [Making Twtxt Better]( for an explanation of this. Basically we hash each Twt with a Blake2B h...
(#<tsvhqdq>) Re "External September", if this _were_ to happen (_hopefully not too soon!_) this would be awesome, I would celebrate some level of success 😀 That being said, I get the overwhelming problems that can i...
(#<tsvhqdq>) Re "140 chars", pods are configurable. I configure this pod ( to be `288`. It also supports both short and long forms (Twts and Blogs). It does both. You can read some of my blog posts at http...
(#<tsvhqdq>) Re "140 chars", pods are configurable. I configure this pod ( to be `288`. It also supports both short and long forms (Twts and Blogs). It does both. You can read some of my blog posts at http... is such a joke, get over plan9 you fragile nerds
https is too mainstream
Yoo, get mastodon
@jack (#<psrfc6q>) Oh hey there! 👋 What client do you use btw? Yes it is fun! 😎
I keep meaning to post using twtxt but I tend to forget. Not sure why, because it's easy and fun
@maurice_renck (#<firvxra'>>) You _could_ even run an instance of [jointwt/twtxt]( like the one [here](, Also we support both sho...
@vain Thanks for your proposal in [Issue 244](, this is really great! Thank you ! 🙇‍♂️
Hello @pestilenz ! 👋 Same to you too! You may not see this as your last post was a bit dated (_so not sure if you still use Twtxt?_) but Welcome to Twtxt nonetheless! 🤗
Hello @azlen 👋 Probably you don't use Twtxt much (_sine your last post was a bit dated_), but Welcome nonetheless to Twtxt! 🤗