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Physical location tracking may occur when you travel with your laptop and all your previously connected networks are scanned for. Makes fingerprinting possible by just listening for requests #resilience
a smartphone tracks your location even in airplane mode #resilience
Cybersecurity as Realpolitik by Dan Geer - as relevant in 2014 as it is more today #resilience
Read A Subicon by Dan Geer recently which impacted some of my thinking on #resilience
dataset intersection is a threat to you, e.g. the combination of cell tower data and credit card transactions is a reliable mechanism #resilience
leave phone at home if not needed. Modern software used by the masses is complex and too vulnerable, and you will be traced #resilience
create a backup channel for radio and fiberoptic communication based on battery, e.g. using Iridium #resilience
avoid using bad-behaviour social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. You will be tracked in realtime #resilience
use airplane mode on phone when not used for communications #resilience
save cash for tracking-avoidance. Cards and digital transfer apps is accessible to third parties outside you and your bank #resilience
use bluetooth only for emergencies. For audio, use wired headsets instead #resilience
disable wifi when out from home #resilience