showing posts tagged #rpi useful when you want to access a tty over ssh #rpi
Incidentally, i think the #rpi isn't that good for education, because it's *too* good. You might as well be on any laptop
I always thought of he #rpi zero as a Pi cut in half. It's actually *way* better than that useful when you want to access a tty over ssh #rpi
RaspberryPi Troubleshooting ⌘ #rpi
@neauoire for me certbot always works surprisingly easy: #rpi
@kodedninja: I'm currently running #plan9(#9front really) on a #rpi, also running it on a dedicated partition on my macbook. The macbook version is pretty cool since it can do linux emulation, so I have a FreeBSD emulation running with Chrome so I can ...
@amorris I'm happy to hear you're giving #rpi a shot, I think https is the hardest thing for me, I can never rememeber how I did it the last time, and each time I seem to hit different errors.
anyone have a recommended linux distro for #rpi? Looking for something with a GUI, the ability to run emacs, and touch the internet