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Guys, #twet now has autocompletion for mentions! Mention spree! @kas @mdom @dracoblue @adiabatic @<david https://p...
@nblade You SHOULD not use lowercase `z` in your timestamp, but #twet now handles them
I was thinking of using #twet for taking shortish one-line notes. I added tag completion to that end. Now I realized that to make use of that locally as I want, I would have to teach it file:// urls. Any #golang hacker who wants to help out? https://gi...
Hi twtxters! There is actually a litle chatter going on here still :) I'm living in #wien for a couple more weeks, there sun is scorching and today I've been hacking a bit on #twet
@quite thanks for the kind words! I'm trying out #twet right now. I like it, it's a nice alternative to the original client.
@quite Heh, I like twet twet! #twet
@quite Ah sorry, should have checked the commit. #twet is officially the first twtxt client with colors! :)
@quite Woah, we both implemented ANSI color support for #twet and #txtnix at the same time!