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@kas yeah I know I need to redo a lot of #twtxtlist stuff, but my boyfriend is here this week and I'm lazy b/c of it. sorry.
@buckket I set up a matrix room at
Developers! Developers! Developers! Come join #twtxt on freenode.
Nothing new under the sun... Remember fingering .plan files? #twtxt #rfc1288
I think twtxt scales pretty decent by using HTTP Features like Cache-Control. #scalability #twtxt
There is a nice paper on PULL or PUSH when it comes to scaling a justin bieber twitter account. In this special case, twtxt's design is actually good! #scalability #twtxt
Hey @reednj and @xena! do you want to work on an effort to streamline #twtxt registry apis? My proposal:
@erlehmann is messing with timestamps in @buckket #twtxt :)
Simple nodejs script to convert your twitter timeline to twtxt: ( find my #twtxt at )
@mdom I mean separate files for #txtnix and #twtxt, spliting state and user config sounds good
This #twtxt stream has been converted from #ISO8601 to #RFC3339 by popular request.
Follow me on #twtxt twtxt follow mmk2410 #RIPTwitter
This #twtxt stream has been converted from #ISO8601 to #RFC3339 by popular request.
@buckket I've put a proposal for #pgp verification of #twtxt up
@durcheinandr I did a stupid mistake there but it should be fixed now. Thank you for testing #twtxt.vim !
twtxt syntax for vim is out now: #twtxt
@mdom I would invest some time in writing a vim syntax file for #twtxt.
@kas (re: Ghost) sharing on other social mediums than #twtxt will decrease your CHA by 3 points
Damn... where is #twtxt?
Damn... where is #twtxt?
Welcome to #twtxt @skingrapher
@mdom for #twtxt propaganda a webpage (like we-are-twtxt) with a collection of links, tipps, tricks and possibilities would be useful. More and better information will speak for itself
@trevor now syntax highlighting for #twtxt in #vim works like a charm.
@trevor #twtxt syntax for #vim looks great
no zsh-completion for #twtxt. So have to build it by myself
first post about #twtxt for french readers
I think an implementation of #twtxt on a gopher server would be great
Horay! This is the most active 24h for #twtxt in the last month. Already more than 50 posts.
Good night, #twtxt! Don't let the bed #bugs bite!
<sigh> and today #movim seems to be down. No wonder I prefer #twtxt
greetings to @webi Welcome to #twtxt
Luckily I have #twtxt. And with my script making an HTML page.. Even my non-twtxt friends can play along.
I suppose if #twtxt ever got to the point of Thousands of people in following it'd get kinda noisy but P2Pish systems are always heavier on the bandwidth side
@mdom.. agreedabout the simplicity of #twtxt. I think moving away from basic http would be a mistake because then it looses it's spectacular simplicity and distributed nautre
Just added ’stampit’ to the old ’timestamp’ util ⌘ — it could prove useful as a lean post-only #twtxt client.
Welcome to #twtxt, @webi! Can I add you to [We Are Twtxt](
Hey and, please teach node-fetch about If-None-Match/If-Modified-Since! Please also consider if it really is that important to fetch each #twtxt file 3-4 times per minute.
I will use tmux to make a split window with 2-3 lines in the lower window and the rest of the terminal in the upper window. The upper window will use said $PAGER to display #twtxt lines. The lower window will function as an input field where I can post...
The context is this: I want $PAGER to be able to endlessly follow a FIFO and allow me to scroll and search. Then another program will pour still unseen #twtxt lines into the FIFO as they arrive.
Simple #twtxt specs: <RFC3339><WS+><UTF8+>
@phil I use a roll-your-own client for #twtxt and I have decided to throw away lines that doesn't start with a timestamp that the dateutils module understands. Other clients can do as they please.
@skingrapher (re: gopher) The #twtxt format is perfect for the #gopher protocol. Years back I ran a gopher server (and I still ‘own’ the domain I probably won't set up a gopher server until the community h...
@freemor #twtxt over #finger is also a good idea. I have earlier advocated for twtxt-over-zeronet: then everyone could just download everything from localhost.
@freemor Splittting #twtxt into a ‘recent posts’ and an ‘archive’ makes sense, resource-wise. We probably need to agreee upon a simple metadata format first, so that we can refer to our archibe, t...
@skingrapher I completely agree re #twtxt
Here's a #twtxt file in a #DAT archive: | AKA dat://43fd183dbe58ef4bd5d6735c8d07786accb0631b453045a5bcc3442d61483f2f
… I don't see how it could be helpful if people started offering their #twtxt file over #DAT — that would just be another protocol, it wouldn't really make it more decentralized than it already is.
I'll take another swing at #metadata for #twtxt. You can check my feed for an example. The headers aren't important, only # key = value
@phil #twtxt format specification ⌘
@phil (re: #twtxt specs) Do you mean the comments? They're sort of a de facto standard. Or the length of some of my statuses? I have chosen to completely ignore the ‘up to 140 characters’ recommendation. So, ...
Quiet times here on #twtxt
@we_are_twtxt Our population is dwindling… :| #twtxt
more then a year now and still loving #twtxt
@freemor @kas #twtxt's quietness is actually something I enjoy about it. I care a lot more about signal-to-noise ratio than I care about the regular activity. It's al...
<sigh> another batch of #twtxt unfollows to clean up the 404s
Greets to @nblade and @leveck Welcome to #twtxt.
@<mekon gopher://> Greetings, Welcome #twtxt. Always nice to see new folks here.
alright, that was good, but too hard to maintain. Goodbye, #twtxt world!
@tx, @freemor: Zeronet could also be used for #P2P distribution of #twtxt (but is a bit harder to script).
I think twtxt scales pretty decent by using HTTP Features like Cache-Control. #scalability #twtxt
There is a nice paper on PULL or PUSH when it comes to scaling a justin bieber twitter account. In this special case, twtxt's design is actually good! #scalability #twtxt
Is there any #twtxt #xmpp muc? If not, I set up (an still empty) one at
Re #twtxt #xmpp muc: It seems there is a #matrix and an #irc room but no xmpp which I would prefer. *sigh*
Ok, On keybase - Check, DNS Proof - check, And hopefully my #twtxt.txt file is now available via KBFS
and testing post hook for #twtxt client too
@freemor I have a #twtxt file available at ‘/keybase/public/kseistrup/twtxt.txt’. However, it's just a ChangeLog of the contents of my public Keybase directory.
@boxofbats You leaving us (#twtxt)? Or was that in reference to something else?
.. Hmmm keybase has a --public chat stream. Be pretty easy to make that a #twtxt target.
@leveck tried XMPP (5 hours after #twtxt post) at that time.. no XMPP server seems present.
Sales pitch: #twtxt — where pressure cookers meet!
@kas joined the #twtxt #xmpp room and doubled the amount of users. :D
@mdosch Congrats on getting the XMPP bot working. I did something similar when I first got on #twtxt (using an event script in mcabber)
Pushed my #xmpp #twtxt bot written in #go to Github:
@demifiend welcome to #twtxt
@demifiend @freemor If it is a problem on other platforms to be bullied by William Shatner we should market #twtxt with #NoWilliamShatner
Seems my #xmpp #twtxt bot survived its first provider reconnect during the night. 😃
Sorry, for being quite noisy now but it is really fun using #twtxt over #xmpp, am very proud it somehow works even when I'm no programmer.
OMG! Almost missed the start of #RBMvsEBB in the #DEL finals due to hacking my #twtxt #xmpp bot. 😁
@71m Welcome to the #twtxt community.
I changed the code of #goxtxt (my #twtxt #xmpp bot) a little bit. If all went good there should be no change in functionality but it is no more depending on #head and #grep.
@mdosch can't access your #twtxt muc anymore, no route to host.
@reednj Yes, there is a core group of dedicated #twtxt'ers
@von Naaaw, it's nice to see a bit more action here on #twtxt
welcome to #twtxt @dryusdan
@von What is the last post #twtxt sees.. must be that line or the next that causes the issue.
@von Hmmm.. that must be a bug in #twtxt. Question is what in my feed is driving it batty.
After my absence I had to remove a lot of people I followed before due to 404s or certificate errors. Is #twtxt still alive?
WWDC live blogged on #twtxt?! Go @adiabetic
Edit file to correct is one of #twtxt's best features :)
@nonlinear No MUC that I know of but there is the #twtxt irc channel on Freenode.
@mdosch thanks, I will check it out when I get a moment. Seems like the IRC #twtxt channel is pretty quiet as well.
@freemor I did join the #twtxt channel on freenode, thanks for the pointer.
Wow big influx of new people to #twtxt. Greetings and Welcome to all!
Was wondering when I switched to my flip phone.. So I did: grep -i flip twtxt.txt Just another way #twtxt wins over twitter/FB/Etc.
@kas I don't know. I will check what txtnish output in the terminal looks like. Right now I only access #twtxt via my #xmpp bot.
@svf Welcome to #twtxt
@davebucklin Welcome to the IndieWeb! Thanks also for introducing me to #twtxt. Gophering this for sure.