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@kas yeah I know I need to redo a lot of #twtxtlist stuff, but my boyfriend is here this week and I'm lazy b/c of it. sorry.
@buckket I set up a matrix room at
Developers! Developers! Developers! Come join #twtxt on freenode.
Nothing new under the sun... Remember fingering .plan files? #twtxt #rfc1288
I think twtxt scales pretty decent by using HTTP Features like Cache-Control. #scalability #twtxt
There is a nice paper on PULL or PUSH when it comes to scaling a justin bieber twitter account. In this special case, twtxt's design is actually good! #scalability #twtxt
Hey @reednj and @xena! do you want to work on an effort to streamline #twtxt registry apis? My proposal:
@erlehmann is messing with timestamps in @buckket #twtxt :)
Simple nodejs script to convert your twitter timeline to twtxt: ( find my #twtxt at )
@mdom I mean separate files for #txtnix and #twtxt, spliting state and user config sounds good
This #twtxt stream has been converted from #ISO8601 to #RFC3339 by popular request.
Follow me on #twtxt twtxt follow mmk2410 #RIPTwitter
This #twtxt stream has been converted from #ISO8601 to #RFC3339 by popular request.
@buckket I've put a proposal for #pgp verification of #twtxt up
@durcheinandr I did a stupid mistake there but it should be fixed now. Thank you for testing #twtxt.vim !
twtxt syntax for vim is out now: #twtxt
@mdom I would invest some time in writing a vim syntax file for #twtxt.
@kas (re: Ghost) sharing on other social mediums than #twtxt will decrease your CHA by 3 points
Damn... where is #twtxt?
Damn... where is #twtxt?
Welcome to #twtxt @skingrapher
@mdom for #twtxt propaganda a webpage (like we-are-twtxt) with a collection of links, tipps, tricks and possibilities would be useful. More and better information will speak for itself
@trevor now syntax highlighting for #twtxt in #vim works like a charm.
@trevor #twtxt syntax for #vim looks great
no zsh-completion for #twtxt. So have to build it by myself
first post about #twtxt for french readers
I think an implementation of #twtxt on a gopher server would be great
Horay! This is the most active 24h for #twtxt in the last month. Already more than 50 posts.
Good night, #twtxt! Don't let the bed #bugs bite!
<sigh> and today #movim seems to be down. No wonder I prefer #twtxt
greetings to @webi Welcome to #twtxt
Luckily I have #twtxt. And with my script making an HTML page.. Even my non-twtxt friends can play along.
I suppose if #twtxt ever got to the point of Thousands of people in following it'd get kinda noisy but P2Pish systems are always heavier on the bandwidth side
@mdom.. agreedabout the simplicity of #twtxt. I think moving away from basic http would be a mistake because then it looses it's spectacular simplicity and distributed nautre
Just added ’stampit’ to the old ’timestamp’ util ⌘ — it could prove useful as a lean post-only #twtxt client.
Welcome to #twtxt, @webi! Can I add you to [We Are Twtxt](
Hey and, please teach node-fetch about If-None-Match/If-Modified-Since! Please also consider if it really is that important to fetch each #twtxt file 3-4 times per minute.
I will use tmux to make a split window with 2-3 lines in the lower window and the rest of the terminal in the upper window. The upper window will use said $PAGER to display #twtxt lines. The lower window will function as an input field where I can post...
The context is this: I want $PAGER to be able to endlessly follow a FIFO and allow me to scroll and search. Then another program will pour still unseen #twtxt lines into the FIFO as they arrive.
Simple #twtxt specs: <RFC3339><WS+><UTF8+>
@phil I use a roll-your-own client for #twtxt and I have decided to throw away lines that doesn't start with a timestamp that the dateutils module understands. Other clients can do as they please.
@skingrapher (re: gopher) The #twtxt format is perfect for the #gopher protocol. Years back I ran a gopher server (and I still ‘own’ the domain I probably won't set up a gopher server until the community h...
@freemor #twtxt over #finger is also a good idea. I have earlier advocated for twtxt-over-zeronet: then everyone could just download everything from localhost.
@freemor Splittting #twtxt into a ‘recent posts’ and an ‘archive’ makes sense, resource-wise. We probably need to agreee upon a simple metadata format first, so that we can refer to our archibe, t...
@skingrapher I completely agree re #twtxt
Here's a #twtxt file in a #DAT archive: | AKA dat://43fd183dbe58ef4bd5d6735c8d07786accb0631b453045a5bcc3442d61483f2f
… I don't see how it could be helpful if people started offering their #twtxt file over #DAT — that would just be another protocol, it wouldn't really make it more decentralized than it already is.
I'll take another swing at #metadata for #twtxt. You can check my feed for an example. The headers aren't important, only # key = value
@phil #twtxt format specification ⌘
@phil (re: #twtxt specs) Do you mean the comments? They're sort of a de facto standard. Or the length of some of my statuses? I have chosen to completely ignore the ‘up to 140 characters’ recommendation. So, ...
Quiet times here on #twtxt
@we_are_twtxt Our population is dwindling… :| #twtxt
more then a year now and still loving #twtxt
@freemor @kas #twtxt's quietness is actually something I enjoy about it. I care a lot more about signal-to-noise ratio than I care about the regular activity. It's al...
<sigh> another batch of #twtxt unfollows to clean up the 404s
Greets to @nblade and @leveck Welcome to #twtxt.
@<mekon gopher://> Greetings, Welcome #twtxt. Always nice to see new folks here.
alright, that was good, but too hard to maintain. Goodbye, #twtxt world!
@tx, @freemor: Zeronet could also be used for #P2P distribution of #twtxt (but is a bit harder to script).
I think twtxt scales pretty decent by using HTTP Features like Cache-Control. #scalability #twtxt
There is a nice paper on PULL or PUSH when it comes to scaling a justin bieber twitter account. In this special case, twtxt's design is actually good! #scalability #twtxt
Is there any #twtxt #xmpp muc? If not, I set up (an still empty) one at
Re #twtxt #xmpp muc: It seems there is a #matrix and an #irc room but no xmpp which I would prefer. *sigh*
Ok, On keybase - Check, DNS Proof - check, And hopefully my #twtxt.txt file is now available via KBFS
and testing post hook for #twtxt client too
@freemor I have a #twtxt file available at ‘/keybase/public/kseistrup/twtxt.txt’. However, it's just a ChangeLog of the contents of my public Keybase directory.
@boxofbats You leaving us (#twtxt)? Or was that in reference to something else?
.. Hmmm keybase has a --public chat stream. Be pretty easy to make that a #twtxt target.
@leveck tried XMPP (5 hours after #twtxt post) at that time.. no XMPP server seems present.
Sales pitch: #twtxt — where pressure cookers meet!
@kas joined the #twtxt #xmpp room and doubled the amount of users. :D
@mdosch Congrats on getting the XMPP bot working. I did something similar when I first got on #twtxt (using an event script in mcabber)
Pushed my #xmpp #twtxt bot written in #go to Github:
@demifiend welcome to #twtxt
@demifiend @freemor If it is a problem on other platforms to be bullied by William Shatner we should market #twtxt with #NoWilliamShatner
Seems my #xmpp #twtxt bot survived its first provider reconnect during the night. 😃
Sorry, for being quite noisy now but it is really fun using #twtxt over #xmpp, am very proud it somehow works even when I'm no programmer.
OMG! Almost missed the start of #RBMvsEBB in the #DEL finals due to hacking my #twtxt #xmpp bot. 😁
@71m Welcome to the #twtxt community.
I changed the code of #goxtxt (my #twtxt #xmpp bot) a little bit. If all went good there should be no change in functionality but it is no more depending on #head and #grep.
@mdosch can't access your #twtxt muc anymore, no route to host.
@reednj Yes, there is a core group of dedicated #twtxt'ers
@von Naaaw, it's nice to see a bit more action here on #twtxt
welcome to #twtxt @dryusdan
@von What is the last post #twtxt sees.. must be that line or the next that causes the issue.
@von Hmmm.. that must be a bug in #twtxt. Question is what in my feed is driving it batty.
After my absence I had to remove a lot of people I followed before due to 404s or certificate errors. Is #twtxt still alive?
WWDC live blogged on #twtxt?! Go @adiabetic
Edit file to correct is one of #twtxt's best features :)
@nonlinear No MUC that I know of but there is the #twtxt irc channel on Freenode.
@mdosch thanks, I will check it out when I get a moment. Seems like the IRC #twtxt channel is pretty quiet as well.
@freemor I did join the #twtxt channel on freenode, thanks for the pointer.
Wow big influx of new people to #twtxt. Greetings and Welcome to all!
Was wondering when I switched to my flip phone.. So I did: grep -i flip twtxt.txt Just another way #twtxt wins over twitter/FB/Etc.
@kas I don't know. I will check what txtnish output in the terminal looks like. Right now I only access #twtxt via my #xmpp bot.
@svf Welcome to #twtxt
@davebucklin Welcome to the IndieWeb! Thanks also for introducing me to #twtxt. Gophering this for sure.
@hex22 @oevl Welcome to #twtxt 😀
I really have fun using #twtxt since my #xmpp bot is working reliable again. Sorry for the spam. 😁
Not that I am asking any #twtxt developer to give me that, I am just saying that I am going to build those tools that I want
Well @freemor they way I am serving my content via http and gopher may need some fixing, thanks for the following #twtxt
Posted to Entropy Arbitrage: Free Social Networking Showdown - twtxt #socialmedia #freesoftware #twtxt #socialshowdown
Fixed txtnish timeline formatting of hashtags on BSD by installing coreutils and replacing fmt with gfmt in the configuration file #twtxt #txtnish #gnu #bsd
/meta I think it's important that we find an efficient way to implement twtxt mentions instead of the current way we are doing it if we want to keep this decentralized and aggregated with other #twtxt users, I think that I will make a generator as part...
/twtxt I agree, we should follow along with the #twtxt mention format. I just need to implement a way to fetch the sites.js and auto complete the username to my entry script. Or maybe we can use just different prefix character too, like for local menti...
As it seems to be not well known I advertise it again: Please join the (inofficial) #twtxt #XMPP room at' href='/user/at/44e18c480b880d3aa?n=kt84'>@kt84 Hahaha 🤣 Are you implying that []( is a VC funded company with millions of 💵 and we just happen to have hired some excellent marketing folks?! Hah! 😂 #twtxt #humour
Hmmm 🤔 I noticed _some_ users in the wider #twtxt community use !thing (_or commonly referred to as bangs_) in their twts. Anyone have any ideas what this is, why its done and how is useful or different to #hashtags? cc @<antonio
@hjertnes (re another twtxt client); No don't feel dumb! On the contrary the more the merrier! 🎉 #twtxt