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#txtnish having problems with displaying users when another URL is used than in following-file. vs. Adding both URLs will duplicate tweets
@freemor yes... partly... #txtnish timeline don't show my own tweets
first try with #txtnish
#txtnish now supports long options! It's not easy to implement all cases, but it wasn't as hard as i though it would be.
#txtnish now accepts ws as seperator and timestamps without T
#txtnish can send new tweets per mail to you with txtnish mail ... the only missing step is to tweet via mail. #mobile
htmlTimeline_txtnish now uses #txtnish to generate both pages thanks to new features in #txtnish. Thanks @mdom
Adjusted my htmlTimeline script to use #Txtnish to generate the Timeline page. Added footer references to #txtnish and #we-are-twtxt.
First update from #txtnish (I hope)
@mdom all the work on #txtnish sounds really good. I'll have to give it a go this coming week.
New stuff in #txtnish: Better argument parser, automatic url rewriting for redirects and a new silly mode that let you share urls like @kas
The latest #txtnish will check the `url` key to change the twturl you're following. Like an inline 304.
#txtnish supports exporting your timeline to html with --theme html since last night. See for an example.
And i liked @dave's version so much, i copied his banner. Maybe i should create a empty twtfile with the banner in #txtnish quickstart :)
Hmmmm my #txtnish is all up to date and should be using curl but no @<mekon gopher://>. Fetching manually with curl does fetch the timeline.. odd
I think I'll checkout #txtnish this weekend. It's syntax should work with my bot ootb.
@mdom if you can read this my bot works with #txtnish. :D
Increased the limit in my twtxt botconfig to 280. @mdom, is there actually a limit for #txtnish? Didn't see a config for this.
@Leo it was a client problem it seems. #txtnish doesn't crash.
@freemor Somehow my #txtnish also always falls back to non-TLS URL for you 🤔
Damn, colors are not working on openbsd! #txtnish
How do you follow tweets via gopher? Can #txtnish handle these?
@mdosch: Yes, #txtnish uses curl and can therefore handle all curl supported protocols.
@leo Hmm, also #txtnish is not showing your posts. Maybe there is a bug.
@mdosch That's weird, I just tested with #txtnish and I can see my posts there.
@mdom is this a known #txtnish issue what happend with @kas vs @kasdk or again some weirdness in my stack?
@kas (re expanding) that probably was #txtnish then.
@mdom The last tweet regarding #txtnish should point at you not @kas Sorry. 😔
@kas does #txtnish support #gopher twtxt.txt addresses?
Well, it was not a proper fix, more like a duck-tape mend, the right thing to do is to add a BSD branch and fix the calls to BSD's awk and fmt so they produce the data in the way the rest of the code expects it. #txtnish #gnu #bsd
Fixed txtnish timeline formatting of hashtags on BSD by installing coreutils and replacing fmt with gfmt in the configuration file #twtxt #txtnish #gnu #bsd