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@mdom I mean separate files for #txtnix and #twtxt, spliting state and user config sounds good
#txtnix mention=cyan nick=bright_yellow time=bright_blue
@mdom hey the updates to #txtnix are really cool
@mdom yay #txtnix, nice work!
@mdom curl says OK and #txtnix query confirms
@mdom one two three, one two three, this is is a test, #txtnix works, dependencies suck
Publishing to #ipfs now works reliable in #txtnix. You can find me at /ipns/QmZxsWLdxMcpb34qXtDyFAVtUDDm9Fp2G24NSjS8fGWBWY/twtxt.txt
How to use #txtnix with tor: HTTPS_PROXY=socks://localhost:9050 txtnix timeline Or use the new variables http_proxy and https_proxy
#txtnix can now search for tweets: txtnix search ' @kas && #twtxt'
I upload a version of #txtnix with that feature as soon as i have some time to clean up the code
#txtnix now depends on Net::DNS::Native for nonblocking dns request, this should solve the annoying request timeouts. Yay!
#txtnix would only unfollow urls with 410. Now you can set the variable unfollow_codes to list additional codes like 404 and 403.
#txtnix now has minimal support to add and publish files with IPFS. Subscriptions shouldn't be too hard either.
#txtnix now accepts user templates. There's an example on github for html output wich can be used by calling txtnix timline --template html
New plugin for #txtnix: Upload your twtfile to a ftp server. Hello FTP world! Now if someone would like ftp retrieval... :)
New feature for #txtnix: tweet via email. This tweet was written on my phone!
@kdave I fixed the connection timeouts with #txtnix. It seems i fetched to many urls concurrently, so now there's a worker pool.
#txtnix and #roster now support the new metadata syntax ts#metadata. Now time will tell if somebody will use it.
@kas, @dracoblue You're right we should really use robots.txt for twtxt registries. Maybe i even add this as a option to #txtnix.
#txtnix watch --alarm mention or --alarm tweet should ring the visual bell when something happens.
Talking about scaling: #txtnix has a new feature since last night i haven't talked about as i wanted to test it for a few hours first.
Slow day for #txtnix. Just some documentation for plugins and fighting to get the test coverage back up to 85%.
@kdave I have no strong opinion about different configs fot #txtnix and #twtxt, but @david had compatibiliy issues with quoting.
#txtnix now uses it's own configuration file ~/.config/txtnix/config after @david discovered some incompatibilities.
@dracoblue #txtnix does now expand /me to @mdom. I'm not sold on the syntax though, my brain is trying to find the referenced mention.
#txtnix new subcommand will dump all available metadata for a feed. Until a decision is made it uses my // suggestion.
Big changes for #txtnix: The last commits added a basic plugin system. There are currently just three plugins:
#txtnix displays relative dates when setting time_format to "relative".
Thanks @kdave for the new default colors. And colored hashtags are also a thing now. And text wrapping at 76 characters. #txtnix
You have to set use_color = 1 and display_format = pretty to get colorized output in #txtnix.
@quite Woah, we both implemented ANSI color support for #twet and #txtnix at the same time!
#txtnix now has a --pretty and --simple for the timeline and view subcommands and a config option display_format that defaults to simple.
If you want to try #txtnix, now is the time with the new installation guide <>
If connected to a pipe #txtnix tweet will now read tweets from STDIN. Will it now be too easy to spam the #twtxt network? :)
#txtnix will now add a tenth of a second between tweets to enforce strict ordering between tweets.
#txtnix now calls an editor if you provide no argument to tweet. Every line in then tweeted as a seperate tweet.
#txtnix now has support for all registry endpoints, you can query tags, tweets, mentions and users.