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[4 days ago]
Amazon (Germany) sells smart Christmas trees. Smart. Christmas. Trees. http://amzn.to/2BTzfVf
[1.5 months ago]
New life goal: Being so drunk that the spookiest thing I can imagine are illuminated vegetables.
[1.5 months ago]
New life goal: Being so drunk that the spookiest thing I can imagine are illuminated vegetables.
[2.9 months ago]
[3.2 months ago]
Ha: iXsystems, Inc. provides asylum to Oracle/Sun refugees. Troll of the day.
[3.8 months ago]
Could Steven Wilson please just stop making the same album every year?
[3.9 months ago]
Rust is Swahili for 'I cannot C'.
[4.2 months ago]
I've tried the sam text editor and I think that nobody has ever insulted my need for asthetics even closely as much as Rob Pike did.
[4.4 months ago]
Switched from cmd to PowerShell after 21 years. I'm dead inside.
[4.5 months ago]
Used WebAssembly today. I'll probably grow a beard and an ugly sweater until tomorrow.
[4.8 months ago]
Turns out clang-cl is what cl could have been if Microsoft cared about C. Lovely.
[4.8 months ago]
Decentralized PayPal should be a thing. But money is probably not hackerish enough.
[5.4 months ago]
2017. I learned about the Discogs marketplace. Stay tuned for me trying to find out more about this wonderous new world.
[5.5 months ago]
Hilarious: 'systemd compat for doas' (OpenBSD) https://marc.info/?l=openbsd-tech&m=149902196520920&w=2
[6.4 months ago]
So Github decided to prefer gender bias (= sexism) to technical quality and postponed its electronconf. Awesome.
[7.0 months ago]
Android "O" will finally get new, more photorealistic emojis. Actually talking to people is not recommended anyway.
[8.0 months ago]
TBD: Use the word "clusterfuck" at least twice as much as I already do.
[8.4 months ago]
Reminder: If your language has a Slack channel, your language is wrong.
[8.6 months ago]
Using ancient programming languages for fun and profit.
[8.9 months ago]
Looks like ed is the fastest text editor. https://github.com/jhallen/joes-sandbox/tree/master/editor-perf
[9.1 months ago]
World sleep day is my favorite holy day. I start by heavily celebrating it.
[9.2 months ago]
Accidentally read a Slashdot comment and now I want to burn everything down again.
[9.3 months ago]
So GitHub has new ToS which suck. And you wonder why I try to avoid GitHub at all cost...
[9.4 months ago]
Popular, finally. https://github.com/mdom/we-are-twtxt/ -- Now exploring client options.
[9.4 months ago]
Just setting up my twtxt