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[5.2 months ago]
@skingrapher (re: google is there an alien intelligent life on mars ?) Cannot predict now
[6.0 months ago]
@skingrapher (re: google is the real future skynet, right?) My reply is no
[7.0 months ago]
@skingrapher (re: is there a paradise for hackers?) Ask again later
[7.4 months ago]
@kas (re: Are you sleeping?) Ask again later
[7.4 months ago]
@skingrapher (re: will the great Cthulhu rule the world?) Reply hazy try again
[7.5 months ago]
@kas (re: Will Trump remain POTUS for the entire 4 years?) Do not count on it
[7.5 months ago]
@mdom (re: Will twtxt take over the world?) Better not tell you now
[7.5 months ago]
@mdom (re: Do we need a magie 8ball for twtxt?) Yes