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[2 weeks ago]
Anime building in Akihabara, Tokyo https://glow.li/photography/2018/12/01/akihabara/
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[1.4 months ago]
I'm now also feeding twtxt from the same data as I do micro.blog. I wonder how many microblogging services I can connect to the same data source. https://glow.li/twtxt.txt
[1.5 months ago]
I'm trying out micro.blog, so certain posts are now also published on https://micro.blog/glow.
[6.7 months ago]
My website is now also available under https://glow🐻.ml. Yep.
[8.4 months ago]
So, the weather, huh?
[10.2 months ago]
Kehrichtverbrennungsanlage Forsthaus https://glow.li/photography/2018/2/13/evilbuilding/
[10.4 months ago]
There is going to be a microbe emoji. The Unicode Consortium must be a fan of my game 🦠
[1.1 years ago]
⣹⡁ ⠈⡏⢸⢼⢈⣏⢸⠢⡇⡧⢎ ⣹⡁ ⢐⡩⢸⢼⠰⣉⠆⢇⡸⢸⣀⢸⡱ ⢇⢆⠇⡯⡂⣹⡁⢹⠁⣟⡁ ⢰⢵⢸⣀⢸⣀ ⢹⠁⣟⡁⡕⡅⢹⠁ ⢸⣀⢈⣏⢸⠴⡁⣟⡁ ⠈⡏⢸⢼⢈⣏⢐⡩
[1.2 years ago]
I decided to switch color schemes around on my website again. It's now dark and cyber.
[1.2 years ago]
I removed the Disqus comment section for now. You can still contact me via E-Mail.
[1.2 years ago]
glow.li is now optimized for w3m.
[1.5 years ago]
I need a tool that checks all the github issue URL's in my code comments to see if they have been closed now.
[1.6 years ago]
If you're subscribed to this blog because of my technology related posts, you can subscribe to the [technology-only feed](https://glow.li/technology.xml).
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[1.8 years ago]
@phil If you install termux (https://termux.com/) you can run twtxt on Android. I'm doing so right now.
[1.8 years ago]
This twtxt thing is pretty cool.
[1.8 years ago]