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[2 weeks ago]
v2 and v3 links will become invalid soon <https://spamty.eu/feed.php#item6>
[4 weeks ago]
New page to show donations and costs <https://spamty.eu/feed.php#item5>
[1.3 months ago]
Spamty.eu is a great alternative for reCAPTCHA Mailhide <https://spamty.eu/feed.php#item4>
[1.3 months ago]
v1 links will become invalid soon <https://spamty.eu/feed.php#item3>
[1.5 months ago]
New feeds for Spamty https://spamty.eu/feed.php#item2
[1.6 months ago]
Spamty news feed https://spamty.eu/feed.php#item1