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[1.0 year ago]
006.00 POST: I'm only saying nothing's new...at least I'm back from irc ban...~town's ban is still close to a year...
[1.4 years ago]
005.00 POST: the registry sure is a little weird...idk, does it only pick up messages AFTER registration?
[1.5 years ago]
004.00 POST: btw, TWTXT has a character limit of 140 characters per message, good excuse for numbering tweets!
[1.5 years ago]
003.00 POST: @aewens, welcome to the party!
[1.5 years ago]
002.01 FWUP: @dzns, you're the most active person on this new frontier ;)
[1.5 years ago]
002.00 RPLY: @dzns, quiet compared to you for sure
[1.5 years ago]
001.00 POST: nothing to say, this is my first post