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[3 days ago]
Ended up naming the new system 'colorparadise', since it has RGB lights. 😆
[6 days ago]
Really loving the new desktop I got as a gift. Runs Fedora like a dream, and as a gaming rig, it's very nice. And RGB lights are fun.
[10 days ago]
Took back the so-called /gaming/ desktop yesterday. Spent most of today exploring options for a used core system to upgrade. Really want a system for games to take my mind off things.
[13 days ago]
I'm so glad most of what I use is CLI/TUI. Tiny apps make for quicker compiles, so I'm not waiting twenty hours just to start doing things on the new setup.
[13 days ago]
Getting a new desktop today. That's gonna be fun to set up.
[8.3 months ago]
Someone I talked with suggested I single-boot *nix on my Mac Pro, cause then I could use the nVidia GTS 450 with it, and have a hell of a system to stream with. It's...tempting.
[8.3 months ago]
Terminal apps are really helping my RSI these days. Really thankful for them.
[8.5 months ago]
Trying to get into a bit of bash and lua scripting today. Also really need to learn the basics of C at some point.
[9.4 months ago]
Fillings done and over with. Now for a bit of recovery before the first of my wisdom teeth are taken own. Maybe I'll finally have time to work on something once it's all said and done.
[9.8 months ago]
I really need to find/make a nice zim-like wiki app for the terminal. orgmode-style stuff just isn't sufficent for my needs as a writer. Too much cross-referencing in my notes.
[9.9 months ago]
Finally have a working Xubuntu install on my desktop again. I am happy.
[10.3 months ago]
Being back on Windows feels so strange, but this GPU is going to be the death of me if I keep trying to force the matter on Linux.
[10.6 months ago]
Really wanting to sit back and read a nice book, but all of my ficiton books are currently in the garage because I don't have room for them inside. I'll have to change that eventually.
[10.6 months ago]
The more I use the modern web, the more I'm annoyed by the attention-grabbing aspects and bloat. Waiting seven seconds for a small group of thumbnails to load should not be a thing with broadband.
[10.6 months ago]
Really need to get myself added to we-are-twtxt when I can remember to contact the list maintainer.
[10.7 months ago]
It's dawned on me that twtxt is kinda what I wanted in an activitypub server: non-distracting, asyncronus, no database, tui/cli-oriented, and just plain simple. No push notifications for mentions, but that's something I could live with.
[10.7 months ago]
I've got my LG Fx0 (Firefox OS) sitting on my desk, and it always seems to remind me of the grudge I still hold against Mozilla for killing such an awesome phone OS. I'd take it over Android any day.
[10.7 months ago]
Just gave exa a try. Really love how nice it looks. It actually feels a bit snappier than ls as well.
[10.8 months ago]
Waking up and seeing my server not under strain means the start of a good day for me.
[10.8 months ago]
Finally got things set up with my server, my desktop is moved away from the floor, and I've got a little more space. Now if I weren't so sick.
[10.8 months ago]
Ratpoison has been my saving grace lately. Mostly due to my wrist being in such pain when I'm using a mouse, or even my trackball.
[10.9 months ago]
Giving this thing a try