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[3.1 months ago]
Setup an OpenBSD RISCV-64 VM in QEMU: https://www.codemadness.org/openbsd-riscv64-vm.html
[1.6 years ago]
Sfeed_curses: a curses UI front-end for sfeed: https://www.codemadness.org/sfeed_curses-ui.html
[2.2 years ago]
hurl: HTTP, HTTPS and Gopher file grabber: https://www.codemadness.org/hurl.html
[2.3 years ago]
json2tsv: a JSON to TSV converter: https://www.codemadness.org/json2tsv.html
[2.8 years ago]
OpenBSD: setup a local auto-installation server: https://www.codemadness.org/openbsd-autoinstall.html
[3.0 years ago]
Idiotbox: Youtube interface: https://www.codemadness.org/idiotbox.html
[3.4 years ago]
[3.9 years ago]
Setup your own file paste service: https://www.codemadness.org/paste-service.html
[3.9 years ago]
Setup your own git hosting service: https://www.codemadness.org/setup-git-hosting.html
[4.1 years ago]
Setup an OpenBSD SPARC64 VM in QEMU: https://www.codemadness.org/openbsd-sparc64-vm.html
[4.3 years ago]
jsdatatable: a small datatable Javascript: https://www.codemadness.org/datatable.html
[4.3 years ago]
Tscrape: a Twitter scraper: https://www.codemadness.org/tscrape.html
[4.5 years ago]
Stagit-gopher: a static git page generator for gopher: https://www.codemadness.org/stagit-gopher.html
[4.6 years ago]
Saait: a boring HTML page generator: https://www.codemadness.org/saait.html
[4.7 years ago]
Stagit: a static git page generator: https://www.codemadness.org/stagit.html
[6.6 years ago]
[7.2 years ago]
twitch: application to watch Twitch streams: https://www.codemadness.org/twitch-interface.html
[7.9 years ago]
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