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[1.0 year ago]
So, powerline turns out to *not* be a hoax. It actually works pretty well, surprsingly! Better than WiFi in my case, at least.
[1.1 years ago]
Technically just joined the 1000lb club. Across different lifting sessions in the last few weeks, I've done 325lb squat (1 rep), 265lb bench (3 reps), 415lb deadlift (3 reps). Now I gotta do it all in one session and film it :P
[1.2 years ago]
switched this web server back to Linux (alpine) -- I don't have the patience to manually install software without docker anymore...
[1.3 years ago]
Recently discovered a 24/7 Nintendo music stream. It's quite nice to be able to eliminate music choice decision paralysis. Rather than wasting 10-15 min browsing around Spotify playlists I'll just pop out this one liner: youtube-dl -o - https://www.you...
[1.4 years ago]
TIL: git has a 'notes' subcommand that allows you to tag git objects with arbitrary notes. I wonder how well GitHub PRs integrate with this, becuase I really like the idea of carrying along the notes across different clones
[1.5 years ago]
Theory of the day: vimscript is deliberately a horrible language to prevent devs from wasting time customizing their editor. Think of how many developer hours would be lost by vim users if vim was customizable through, say Python
[1.5 years ago]
Some good articles on here -- I'll probably collect a few posts and put together my own list at some point... https://www.benkuhn.net/progessays/
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[1.5 years ago]
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