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[2 weeks ago]
Mu now has a generic stream type: http://akkartik.github.io/mu/html/402stream.mu.html
[3 weeks ago]
Beginnings of a spreadsheet for trees: https://archive.org/details/akkartik-2min-2020-07-25
[1.3 months ago]
[1.9 months ago]
Mu now type-checking all function calls: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/104366226332745069
[2.0 months ago]
A calculator app in Mu: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/104352495147108886
[2.3 months ago]
A very-high-level language feature in Mu, in spite of bootstrapping from machine code: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/104305128661766343
[2.6 months ago]
A test app in Mu, and an experience report: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/104250249472942612
[5.1 months ago]
Paper on Mu published at the Convivial Computing Salon: http://akkartik.name/akkartik-convivial-20200315.pdf
[5.2 months ago]
Mu language almost done: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103809142727508327. Now to make it safe.
[6.2 months ago]
past: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103635361482232697; future: https://lobste.rs/s/2qzmtr/#c_itzqwm
[6.5 months ago]
Learning the complexity of compilers rather than pretending they're easy: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103581348949359372
[6.6 months ago]
Working: factorial function. https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103571329543801973
[6.7 months ago]
Working: local variables. https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103554841927344456
[7.0 months ago]
Thoughts on a better type system: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103494665427646859
[7.5 months ago]
[7.6 months ago]
Update on my safe syntax for machine code: functions can now return results. https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103395953154615316
[8.3 months ago]
The type system machine code wants: http://akkartik.name/post/mu-2019-3
[8.6 months ago]
First function body translated. Still no variable declarations, though. https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103229216904239835
[9.0 months ago]
Another week, another instruction compiling, more refinements of the code-generator: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103157776545612964
[9.3 months ago]
First baby steps in compiling the Mu memory-safe systems language: empty function; primitive stmt; function call.
[9.6 months ago]
Mu's translator is growing complex. Lots of book-keeping for entering/exiting scopes: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103053133325948545
[9.6 months ago]
Beginnings of a translator for a memory-safe language: http://akkartik.github.io/mu/html/apps/mu.subx.html. Just empty functions so far.
[9.8 months ago]
It's surprisingly hard to do safe, efficient array initialization: https://www.joshmcguigan.com/blog/array-initialization-rust
[9.9 months ago]
I've mostly managed to stick to statically allocated arrays so far, but now I need real ASTs. Just leak memory for the first draft.
[9.9 months ago]
Now that feedback on the design has died down (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21268252; https://lobste.rs/s/xtxlec), back to hacking.
[10.1 months ago]
Mu's design is taking on a life of its own: http://akkartik.name/post/mu-2019-1
[10.6 months ago]
Seems useful to have a set of consistent lexical conventions. # for comments; . for lookup; / for metadata. e.g `cat ~.conf.git.core.pager`
[10.6 months ago]
But sometimes you do want a separation between dirs and files. So maybe the file system has both, but also supports treating files as dirs?
[10.6 months ago]
Thinking about https://zge.us.to/dirconf.html; what if `cat`ing a directory rendered its contents as a structured file?
[10.6 months ago]
After various attempts to grep for Tss and whatnot, current plan is to just try to binary-search writes to protected memory in the kernel.
[10.6 months ago]
Where does https://github.com/ozkl/soso first switch to Ring 3? I want to rip it out and just run everything in Ring 0.
[11.0 months ago]
An ergonomic syntax for machine code: numbers, metadata, strings, tests, blocks. https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/102825992961303855
[11.0 months ago]
@chameleon The link you posted :p https://wiki.waifu.haus
[11.1 months ago]
@chameleon Wow, somebody's reading this! What's up?! Nice site!
[11.1 months ago]
This should take a lot less code for an optimizing C compiler. There'll be no optimizer, but lots of room for the programmer to optimize.
[11.1 months ago]
(But decent error messages if you screw up your register allocation, try to read a different type from a register than you wrote.)
[11.1 months ago]
Next stop: a type- and memory-safe compiled language that can occupy C's niche. Manual memory management. AND manual register allocation.
[11.1 months ago]
But everything takes too damn long with machine code. Enough fun and games. Resume climbing the ladder of abstraction.
[11.1 months ago]
It's taken a year to get here. I want to take a break, do a Lisp interpreter for fun. Just so I can see a computer boot into a Lisp prompt.
[11.1 months ago]
But the syntax is nothing more than machine code (with good error messages).
[11.1 months ago]
So far I can: create Linux binaries; package them up with a kernel into a bootable image; run it on Qemu or Linode.
[11.1 months ago]
about me: I'm building a hobbyist computer. No C (eventually). Lots of tests. Reward curiosity. https://github.com/akkartik/mu#readme
[11.1 months ago]
@adiabatic Thank you for teaching me about Tauthon!
[11.1 months ago]
Today I was reminded of it by a long series of steps that began with an invitation from http://tilde.club. Web surfing at its best.
[11.1 months ago]
I've always _loved_ the idea of twtxt, but had no idea so many people are using it.
[11.1 months ago]
I can't abide Python, so I'm writing these messages using 'echo', for now..
[11.1 months ago]
Hello world!