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[6.6 months ago]
Migrating away from GitHub after this copilot launch.
[11.2 months ago]
I'm tired of the empty and misguiding "ads are the price of an open and free internet"
[1.2 years ago]
Beefing up my self-hosting game.
[2.1 years ago]
Another trip to the US.
[4.0 years ago]
Sometimes I browse Ebay for vintage workstations and I feel glad I don't live in the US or I'd be broke.
[4.0 years ago]
Testing automatic upload of tweets to my server.
[4.0 years ago]
Testing automatic git push.
[4.1 years ago]
Moving my gopher hole to SDF from my own server.
[4.1 years ago]
Giving TaskWarrior a try, so far it works great!
[4.1 years ago]
It works!
[4.1 years ago]
Testing automatic deployment now!
[4.1 years ago]
Trying out twtx!