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[10.3 months ago]
New post on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/funprogramming and 2 new supporters! :-)
[10.4 months ago]
I just discovered Audacity macros. Super nice! I can now automate cleaning up audio recordings as just one command
[10.6 months ago]
Came up with an hack to use Arabic in OPENRNDR - https://openrndr.discourse.group/t/using-arabic-font-in-rndr/214/5
[10.7 months ago]
New OPENRNDR guide page about batching circles, rectangles and points pushed to git
[10.7 months ago]
Simplified OPENRNDR & Processing - Circle & line-segment intersection: https://openrndr.discourse.group/t/openrndr-processing-circle-line-segment-intersection/99/2
[10.7 months ago]
I'm trying to figure out #computeShaders so I just improved the OPENRNDR guide chapter about them
[10.7 months ago]
I just improved DemoShapeSheet at https://github.com/openrndr/openrndr/pull/206
[10.7 months ago]
This week I'll collect OPENRNDR guide improvements at https://github.com/openrndr/openrndr-guide/pull/75 This morning I added 3! :)
[10.7 months ago]
Hello twtxt world!! :-)