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[7.6 months ago]
Just copied over my posts from my finger to twtxt! From now on I'll only post on twtxt, and I hope to integrate twtxt into my finger soon.
[7.7 months ago]
Oh no I forgot to post again! Not really sure what to post about... Slowly getting used to my new glasses, and they seem to be working pretty well!
[7.7 months ago]
Whoops, forgot to post yesterday, my bad! I got glasses later in the day on my birthday, so that's cool. For the first day of having them, I had a headache, which was quite annoying, but since then I've been getting used to them ^^
[7.8 months ago]
[7.8 months ago]
Today I set up my first cgi script, a gemini -> finger proxy at gemini://tilde.team/~lovetocode999/finger 'Twas quite enjoyable, and it works pretty well in my opinion =D
[7.9 months ago]
Oooooh idea! I should use this for microblogging! Far superior to Twitter or Mastodon! ;P