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[2.5 months ago]
@mdosch heh. thanks for confirming that i'm neither losing it nor being MITM hijacked. Odd error though.
[2.5 months ago]
Really loving Samantha Shannon's _Priory of the Orange Tree_. 75% in to this massive tome, and it is just wonderful. Heartbreaking and delightful.
[3.7 months ago]
I love the concept of twtxt. 'tis a pity I missed it, then again, I can't complain too much
[3.9 months ago]
About to join in the Gopher++ dialogue on the 'verse. Here's hoping this is a worthwhile contribution.
[4.3 months ago]
My 12 yo just finished 'Thomas Was Alone', and he is bereft. Crying about the sacrifice of one of the rectangles. That's a *good* game.
[4.3 months ago]
Anthropos apteros for days walked whistling round and round the maze