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[1.5 months ago]
Feel free to visit my gemini capsule at gemini://roccodrom.ddns.net
[1.8 months ago]
Today I built the beach chair in the garden together with my wife. The vacation can come. Only two more weeks.
[2.9 months ago]
Today I started teaching my wife how to play the bass
[4.1 months ago]
Planning my digital garden.
[4.6 months ago]
I set up a new personal blog with bashblog on my home server. https://roccodrom.ddns.net/~marco/index.html
[4.8 months ago]
Cleaning up the garage
[5.5 months ago]
Installed [freedombox](https://freedombox.org/) on my raspberry pi home server.
[5.6 months ago]
My website is online again now
[5.7 months ago]
Happy Easter
[5.8 months ago]
Good night!
[5.8 months ago]
Good night!
[5.9 months ago]
Another gardening day
[5.9 months ago]
Did some gardening work today
[6.9 months ago]
time for coffee and Cinnamon Rolls
[7.6 months ago]
Installed LXLE OS on my Vaio Notebook
[8.1 months ago]
Time for my peppermint tea
[8.1 months ago]
Updated my website
[8.9 months ago]
Uploaded some new photos to my website https://roccodrom.ddns.net/posts/moor/
[10.1 months ago]
Just a test
[10.1 months ago]
Styled my twtxt file, so it looks nicer.
[10.2 months ago]
Updated my website and blog
[11.3 months ago]
My twtxt client seems to be broken.
[12.1 months ago]
Apple harvest
[1.0 year ago]
Barbecue with my wife at home
[1.0 year ago]
Running twtxt in termux on Android
[1.0 year ago]
Good morning!
[1.0 year ago]
Good Morning!
[1.0 year ago]
Good morning!
[1.0 year ago]
Hello World!