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[1.2 months ago]
Looking forward to investing my stimulus dollars into #Bitcoin.
[11.4 months ago]
Just saw Trump campaign ad. By the end, felt like soluting and shouting Heil Hitler. I didn't, tho.
[11.6 months ago]
Still here. Thot i had corona, but just an allergy.
[12.0 months ago]
Just got back from online church. I could get used to this.
[12.0 months ago]
I am very fortunate to be a work at home employee largely unaffected by covid19. I know others are hurting badly. I get the anger. But if you open the entire country today, I'm not rushing back out there to spend money, not until I feel safe.
[12.0 months ago]
I am astounded how, after all these years, my kids still find new ways to annoy me.
[12.0 months ago]
Insomnia sucks. Well, it will around noon. Right now its ok. At least the early morning quiet gives me time to explore rabbit holes like twtxt and gopher.
[12.0 months ago]
Hello world. How is #quarantine treating you?