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@reednj @mdom @durcheinandr gopher doesn't have
@durcheinandr Never really understood how #gopher is different to the web, except having a diff transport protocol cc: @mdom
@durcheinandr elinks handles gopher protocol very well without any external software #cli
@durcheinandr you have the #gopher client. same name as the protocol
@durcheinandr I can't remember what #opher client I used back then. The native gopher client? What makes Lynx drive you crazy? |
@durcheinandr I hope you haven't bought the unused version for EUR 152,97 from amazon ... :)
@durcheinandr Thanks for the link.. Not useful to me but probably very useful to a few people i know
@durcheinandr I know right.. Thus wasting too much time: canada -> europe (unknown) -> Boston
@durcheinandr or Canada -> USA (hello NSA) -> Canada -> UK (Hello CGHQ) -> Germany
@durcheinandr Sigh, yes. I'd rather have DST all year (or no DST at all) than timewarping twice a year.
@phil, @durcheinandr: If you want a browser that acts like vim - try: I love it.
@durcheinandr Qutebrowser is huge, too.
@durcheinandr Qutebrowser is pretty close, but the behavior is just different enough that muscle memory makes it frustrating.
@durcheinandr I was using Uzbl browser, which was amazing, but it stopped working.
@durcheinandr if I could get a browser that acted like vim, I'd shitcan the mouse.
@durcheinandr Oh great.... another Techie comic I'll have to keep up on ... LOL
@durcheinandr (re: Ghost) Lesson learned!
@durcheinandr (re: Ghost) I shared it on another social medium, and a guy replied “I am lost. Does this actually work on some shells?” — and I had even tagged it #geek #humor. I guess his humor-o-meter was out of bat...
@durcheinandr (re: Ghost) Haha, good one! :D
@durcheinandr Sorry, no idea then. I have a ticker with news agencies like dpa, afp etc. at work but that's more like a firehose.
@durcheinandr (re: BR 2049) Neither can I, but Harrison Ford seems to differ, so I look forward to watching it with an open mind.
@durcheinandr You can always google for presseschau. Deutschlandfunk has one for example. But that's a rather static view on daily papers. Do you want something current and algorithmic?
@durcheinandr Never understood why so many people love this movie, but it seems i'm a minority voice...
@durcheinandr (re: Blade Runner) There will be a sequel later this year: Blade Runner 2049 ⌘ 🎥
@durcheinandr (re: multitail) Hm…, perhaps that's not such a bad idea. So I could essentially do the equivalent of “multitail --mergeall */twtxt.txt” if each nick has their own directory. Thanks for the inspiration!
@durcheinandr I just have a cronjob that fetches the files every now and then. Then another cronjob that merges the files and sorts the lines in time order.
@tx, @durcheinandr Except, I can't search or scroll back if I use “less +F”, can I?
@durcheinandr (re: F-key) I didn't know you could start less with ’+F’ as an argument and I needed less to start up in scroll mode.
@durcheinandr Just as an example how evil you can get. It's not the new standard theme. Although...
@durcheinandr nice work.. you might want to take a gander at my htmlTimeline script at: for any ideas you might find useful.
@mdom @durcheinandr yes, rdr just extract content of the articles
@mdom @durcheinandr yes, rdr just extract content of the articles
@durcheinandr You can do filetype detection in vim by the content of a file. E.g. everything with timestamp, tab and text = twtxt?
@durcheinandr I'm pleased to hear that. Let me know if you have any ideas for improvement. How about automatic file type detection?
@durcheinandr I did a stupid mistake there but it should be fixed now. Thank you for testing #twtxt.vim !
@durcheinandr that's an expected behaviour imo, but I think redirect handling is underwork
@durcheinandr that's an expected behaviour imo, but I think redirect handling is underwork
@durcheinandr just follow yourself :)
@durcheinandr It worked like a charm :)
@durcheinandr I'm waiting for places like the #FSF and #SFLC to chime in... Mostly want people to be aware that a issue might exist. Many people ignore TOS changes.