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[2.7 months ago]
@71m moving sucks indeed. In addition to the physical hassle, it takes a lot of mental time to adjust too. I moved 4 times the last 2 years (student).
[2.8 months ago]
A collegue has told me today that I would be a good system architect. Is this how people find their long-term ambitions?
[2.9 months ago]
https://twtxt.net/ looks pretty sweet. Will I give up command line tweets for a nice interface though?
[2.9 months ago]
I've officially dropped out of my masters tomorrow. My employer has given me the chance to move from EE to software on my own terms.
[2.9 months ago]
Currently following koehr at https://koehr.in/twtxt.txt, looking at https://github.com/mdom/we-are-twtxt/blob/master/we-are-twtxt.txt for more people to follow
[2.9 months ago]
Shoutout to @n4n from Subreply for telling me about twtxt
[2.9 months ago]
Hello world