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@eli_oat (#<m5ccdea>) Nice! I’ll check out both 😁
@koehr @eli_oat (#<bomohvq>) I second this and have one myself
@eli_oat regarding headphones I can suggest you the Bose QC 35. I use them for exactly what you described via bluetooth.
@eli_oat (#<xktvlxq>) Boes Quiet 35s will do this
@eli_oat (#<m2k45fa>) this is a very nicely written and very well documented implementation of a lisp! Thanks for sharing πŸ€—
@eli_oat (#<m2k45fa>) Very nice! I'll take a look! What was the previous Twt about? What was with the `301 Moved Premaritally`? πŸ˜€
(#<r4s3dsa>) @eli_oat Good question! πŸ€” What _do_ you do? πŸ˜€
@eli_oat @melyanna what’s this gemlog thing?
@eli_oat no neither did 🀣 appears as if I got broken up into multiple lines! And there by multiple posts in a short few seconds πŸ˜‚
@eli_oat (re Twtxt Config) with for machines (_and humans somewhat_) so it would be better if we also agreed upon a standard `config.yml` or `config.yaml` (_whichever ext you prefer_) similar to `avatar.png`...
@eli_oat (re Twtxt medium) Yeah that's just the thing, I love that too! But of course there's no reason a "smart" client can't interpret the text as "Markdown" for example, which we do on and all Twt.socia...
@eli_oat (re avatar.png) very nice! Thanks for following suit. We will document all of the little additional things that we are making to make Twtxt better 😎
@eli_oat Also nice Avatar... Have you always had that at the root of your twtxt feed or did you add it since you started noticing []( now looks for avatars for externals feeds? πŸ€” ![](http...
@eli_oat (re twtxt front matter) if by "Front Matter" you means `// key = value` comments at the top of you your filek, then no it won't. Most (_if not alll?_) clients will simply ignore this, including []...
@eli_oat (re learning LISP) Ya know... I've learned a lot of programming languages over the years, but one class of languages I have never truly wrapped my head around are the "Pure" Functional Languages and especia...
@eli_oat (re Podcast and Cults) According to Wikipedia: > In modern English, a cult is a social group that is defined by its unusual religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or by its common interest in a par...
@eli_oat How is VBA even a language?! 😱
@eli_oat (re CSS PR) Please by all means! All PRs welcome to make this platform better! 😎
@eli_oat (rss) FraidyCat looks interesting. Glad to see more efforts like this! πŸ‘
@eli_oat Yeah I really love Go too! ![](
@eli_oat For example (_this screenshot_): ![](
@eli_oat (re RSS Reader) You _could_ try []( as your RSS/News reader? If you like I can send you an invite code for your own private pod where you can try this out. You can pull in all k...
@eli_oat (re RSS reader) Hahah 🀣 I _first_ started out with that kind of thinking, only to realise that actually writing a good RSS Reader I would actually use daily was well _all too hard_β„’ So I built this instead ...
@eli_oat (re website) congrats ! πŸŽ‰ I shall check it out 😎
@hjertnes @eli_oat Which jack btw? :)
@eli_oat (last paragraph re mozilla layoff) can you quote it here? :)
@eli_oat (re is coming soonβ„’ πŸ˜€ -- This is part of[this issue]( -- Our plan is to have 1-click, fully managed pods (_just sub-domains for now...
@eli_oat @hjertnes Yes! Discovery as it turns out is "quite hard". And IHMO (_and I could be wrong here_); but I don't think Mastodon has done a better job of that. We (
@hjertnes @amorris @eli_oat (re-wiki) sorry I can’t really comment on your card as I don’t really know LISP 😁
@eli_oat (re twtxt to RSS) no I don’t know od such a service, however; if one were to be created you can imagine that you end up in an infinite loop cycle between the three different systems responsible if you happe...
@eli_oat (re Fossil) I hear only good things about Fossil. I use Gitea myself πŸ‘Œ
@eli_oat @hjertnes (re terminal fonts) I use this one ![](
@eli_oat (re do people blog?) I don't really have much time to write proper long-form blogs. I do however have [my blog]( which can be followed via twtxt. But yeah I much prefer using [
@eli_oat have you tried ArchARM? It's pretty stable and usable. Otherwise, I would also go for Raspbian Lite, it's by far the more .. predicatable distro for the Pi.