showing replies to @erlehmann
twtxt2atom from @erlehmann is handy, I can't seem to get @dracoblue 's twtxt-ui working here
Trying to convince @erlehmann to use in-line XML documents for each of his twtxt lines.
@erlehmann is messing with timestamps in @buckket #twtxt :)
@erlehmann fair point, I guess what I meant was that I don't user an RSS Reader
@erlehmann well, I don't use rss, so it's not really a priority for me. But its good idea, so if you submitted a patch, I'd be open to it
@erlehmann :/ I'm using the default ruby escaping, so hopfully no XSS haha
@erlehmann: Re the account list, probably not. This is my server for testing new stuff, it regularly gets wiped.