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[5.2 months ago]
agenda(1)'s sort() does not copy the whole table at each, but use pointers (internally in awk), and works with both numbers and strings
[5.2 months ago]
in case you need it: the sources of agenda(1) features time conversion and sort() in plain awk
[5.2 months ago]
agenda(1) is now 100% in portable awk: faster and easier to read !
[5.8 months ago]
agenda(1) now feel simple to use, with a intuitive syntax. It is in the "etc" repo.
[6.0 months ago]
@<http://josuah.net> is backed by an awk script run by inetd transferring requests to a local gopher server and add a http and html header!
[8.6 months ago]
website is up again, and now with gopher \0/
[8.7 months ago]
website is broken while I am restructuring it
[8.9 months ago]
[8.9 months ago]
guess which OS ishikawa loves to run... @<http://josuah.net/img/ishikawa.png>
[9.0 months ago]
let's test what a 150 lines of shell awk and sed can do