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Just saw this [Tweet]( from @jack himself? (_bit dated though `12:13 AM · Dec 12, 2019`_) « Twitter is funding a small independent team of up to five open source a...
@jack (re Big Sur); What you do mean?! Who's "Big Sur", Who broke [twtxt](
@jack So I purchased the other day. I plan to firstly put up some feeds of other sources fed by RSS to replace many of the feeds I subscribe to today via and phase out using CommaFeed as a c...
@jack isn't that like writing blog posts about blogging or CMS stuff?
@jack @hjertnes In fact Mercurial (hg) is still widely used. Facebook for example exclusively uses it becuase it outperforms Git on very large repositories.
@jack Interesting. I never liked it. Git is terrible, but so am I.
@jack I've had that book my list of the longest. Usually a sign when I never buy something.
@jack some activity :O