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@leo I get that they are doing what they can. But it is important to remember that corona viruses can live on surfaces for a long time (days to weeks). So any package is a potential vector of infection. People need to ...
@leo I don't quite get the idea behind contactless delivery. If warehouse person or delivery driver have COVID-19 and poor practices theres gonna be COVID-19 on the box whether they leave it at the door or hand it to y...
@leo - I guess I need to follow before a mention is properly expanded?
@leo - all good I think :)
@leo Well, it's the first time that we have users doing external mentions so far.
@leo Hmm, also #txtnish is not showing your posts. Maybe there is a bug.
@leo maybe my #xmpp bot is doing something wrong, but everything else works.
@leo, welcome back! I wonder why my twtxt doesn't show your tweets but does? 🤔
Welcome back, @leo!
(re twtxt following crash) @leo, @reednj_tw: I had to remove your accounts to stop twtxt from crashing. Don't know why. :-/
@leo where are all these accounts on coming from? Is there an Webinterface or something like that?
@leo working on building or working on, using?
Hi @leo!