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@leveck I checked again, and confirm that 水滸 works, but like you say, 水滸傳 has no results. I'm a bit surprised because if I curl the search link it tells me (
@leveck The first 3 scientific hits on “lignans middle-aged men” on Google seem to suggest that lignans reduce prostate and colon cancer, as well as cardiovascular diseases, for middle-aged men. Do you have any resources ...
@leveck, you don't like flax? Chia is another option. ;)
@leveck really appreciate what you're doing with Project Gutenberg in Gopherspace! i have one beta test report: it seems not to pass unicode characters to the search (example: 水滸傳). (also, I can greatly recommend cinnamon)
@leveck, I just use the standard client (wrapped in a local script for tweeting).
@leveck, I usually take equal amounts of frozen strawberries and blueberries and add banana, lemon/lime juice and stevia. For yoghurt I use buttermilk or soymilk. Finally I add ground flax seeds.
@leveck, I often use but when I am at my laptop at home I use the client as I have my terminator always opened.
@leveck do you have no personal files stored on digital media? on any device? wow
@leveck Please keep posting WRT your figuring out your daily driver. I love the #BBGW MID I made for myself would be interested to hear where you land.
@leveck, Thanks for the link and nice write up. re: gnu screen you'll definitely want to modify your .screenrc On my server screen opens up 8 screens on start with all my log watchers etc. All nicely titled and has the se...
@leveck Why BSD over Arch.. Just curious maybe I'm missing out on something. :)
@leveck I used ratpoison for a while but found i3 to be slightly more user firendly.. tho very similar. And Like you.. for things like PDF Etc
@leveck If you continue to work on it feel free to send tests my way. freemor
@leveck tried XMPP (5 hours after #twtxt post) at that time.. no XMPP server seems present.
@leveck, I just added you to my XMPP roster.
Just installed an XMPP server on RPoD. If you use XMPP, please send me a test message: leveck I will not become a nuisance, I just do not know anyone else using it.
@leveck I may have misunderstood your intention. I thought you would s/gopher/http/ in links on But what you want is to make gopher links clickable, right?
@leveck Not all gopher sites have an http fallback.
@leveck I really want to use mastodon, but I just can't seem to come up with a use case for me. Guess I don't really do much Social Media type stuff
@leveck nice! I've totally given up on the whole smart phone thing... built myself a MID out of a BBGW and switched to a flip phone
@leveck Yup. I understand that sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and use the locked down stuff. It's the world we live in.
@leveck Yes locked down, DRM'd systems suck. But I understand they are often hard or impossible to avoid these days.
@leveck the ... /usr ... thumbdrive ...?
@leveck the ... /usr ... thumbdrive ...?
@leveck Why not just use a menu and link your posts, friends and comments? I like the idea to use fts for comments!
@leveck re your gopherbook layout, an example file would be easier to read, do you have one? still, looks clean/simple
@leveck what firmware (rom) did you go with for the S5.
@leveck awesome on the FB delete, I went through manually and deleted almost everything, but I'd like to erase my account as well eventually
Greets to @nblade and @leveck Welcome to #twtxt.
@leveck Do you want transparency i the terminal or not? I don't use transparency in lilyterm. Before lilyterm I used sakura. Can't remember what made me switch, though.
@leveck I'm using an unpublished roll-your-own client (don't ya'll? 😉) — losely based on — in lilyterm in qtile wm on ArchLinux.
@leveck (re: moon phase) Oh, I forgot the screenshot ⌘ 😊
@leveck (re: moon phase) It seems I use “Monospace Regular 12” in my terminal (unless that's a generic name, in which case I don't know).
@leveck why mysql if I may ask? looks like sqlite would be perfect here, lots of read, few writes.
@leveck why mysql if I may ask? looks like sqlite would be perfect here, lots of read, few writes.
@leveck for sure! Especially when you're bad at doing frequent git commits when you're the only one working on something.
@leveck welcome to twtxt!
Welcome @leveck, sorry I spammed your guestbook, got lost in elinks ;)
@kas I like the personal touch that we are greeting new users! Hi, @leveck
@leveck, welcome aboard! If people subscribe to @we_are_twtxt, they will see all changes to the directory. :)