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@marado, @kas I would use a short hash to identify each message. A reply would add this to the start e.g: [xxx] that clients can find and group tweets together when processing their cac...
@marado (re: line 70) The most reliable reference to a line is its timestamp, which is not even guaranteed to be unique. It is for that reason alone that I switched to µs granularity in my own twtxt file.
@marado (re: line 70) yes, that would require twtxt files to be “append only”. I, for one, regularly prune old entries or move them to archive files.
@marado Do you mean rss2twtxt? (Public instance:
@marado has a very old timeline !
@mdosch (re: user-agent) (posted here by @marado) dates back to september 2019.
@marado (re: user-agent) thanks!