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via @oevl On Kickstarter: SSHatellite A public-access shell server in space.
@oevl I don't live on the #CLI but I listed some CLI and #TUI tools I use regularly: (German)
@<oevl gopher://> I live on the CLI it is well worth the effort. I almost never hve to run X. If you are looking for ideas feel free to ask.
@oevl Maybe you have luck and your twtxt.txt file is archived by
@<oevl gopher://> Thanks for mentioning Fanny. Great Band.
@oevl Ah, so it's a launcher. Never heard about that. Thanks.
@oevl What are Albert/Alfred? Do you have butlers who tweet for you?
Fixed @<oevl gopher://> 's URL getting changed from gopher:// to http:// by assing the -U flag to my update script.
@mdosch when I set @oevl's URL to a gopher:// it works fine with txtnish. Problem is txtnish keeps settting it back to due to the metadata in oe...
Hmmm for some reason both @<port70 gopher://> and @oevl keel ending up with ^M appended to their URLs in following.
With a little jiggering I have both @oevl and @hex22 added. Welcome aboard!
@hex22 @oevl Welcome to #twtxt 😀
@oevl Erratum: I.e., 400 Bad Request for the http URL.
@oevl Both curl and python requests give me a “400 Bad Request” and says that I should use the gopher URL instead.
@oevl, oh, it seems you want us to use a gopher URL instead?
Welcome to twtxt, @oevl, would you like to be added to @we_are_twtxt?
@oevl hello!