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(#<j4g2sda>) @prologic What wants for greed of power? Why would you want to lose them?
@adi @prologic @xuu @movq (#<wije7wq>) The other day out ...
@prologic (#<xyiy3da>) You mean this? Yeah, that works. xargs might suffice, too. The thing is, you’ll have to structure your progra...
@maya (#<ukb725q>) Wonder where the youth are going to move next, assuming your parents are not young. twtxt/yarn @prologic😋
@lyse @prologic (#<37dokda>) Yes that was what I was thinking, I compare inverters
Weight: 34.8 Kilograms
Warranty: 5yrs
Code: INV-VC24-05-120-100
Price: $3646.64 total...
@off_grid_living @prologic (#<37dokda>) Nice setup. Your approach is probably easier to fix if something breaks.
@prologic (#<oyztlea>) Check this out fellow Queenslanders:


From the book:

@prologic (#<oyztlea>) Check this out fellow Queenslanders:


From the book:

@prologic (#<mofsqfa>) nice, have fun
@prologic @adi @jlj @readfog (#<bgxmxia>) I too would love to see the "internal" package ...
@prologic (#<ndxbcua>) Yes, they were pretty cute, too.
@prologic (#<3fysjpq>) Very nice, I love it! The blue sky is much more intense in Down Under than it is over here. That's what I thought right away a couple of years ago, when I...
@prologic (#<aew7pxa>) Yes. But now we're first having April weather, where it goes crazy and shows everything it has to offer in just a few hours. One and a half week ago we ha...
@prologic (#<alastnq>) it looks trippy as hell
@prologic it is cool to read through other peoples though so im maybe a free rider
@prologic oh my god no i ... cannot probably handle adding that by hand
@prologic (#<e54h2ra>) Not sure seems 500ml per month.
@prologic ah... yeah... sorry, time zones are the worst #ky3n6la
@prologic (#<lstfx7a>) also does the clock break anything for you? I know it's wrong but I didn't think it mattered a ton to fix
@prologic fully agreed, it's very gross, and it's making light of stuff that people still don't take seriously enough.... (#<lstfx7a>)
@prologic (#<akietaq>) Right. Unless, of course, I wipe my “cache” and refetch everything (which is not something that I do regularly).
@lyxal @prologic (#<ku6tmka>) Yes I was following the hot temperatures in Australia. You guys will have a break for a while now. :-)
@prologic @movq (#<akietaq>) But it certainly will with mine. ;-)
@prologic (#<akietaq>) Actually, I didn’t have my first coffee today. It won’t break with my client. 😴 🤦
@prologic (#<akietaq>) Hmmm, maybe it won’t break on, but it will break in my client. 😂 What did you change on your end regarding threading?
@antonio @prologic (#<ku6tmka>) I know! The last summer got unbearably hot, so I'm glad for cooler temperatures. 🧊🧊🧊
@lyxal @prologic (#<ku6tmka>) how is the weather on your side of the globe. Over here it is getting warmer. So tomorrow there is a...
@prologic (#<ku6tmka>) You're going to shoot the easter eggs? ;-)
@prologic (#<kcngfnq>) Thank you! Somebody stored some bricks next to firewood stacks in their piece of woodlands. I don't know why. This forest path is partially made up of ton...
@antonio @prologic (#<ku6tmka>) no big plans here either. 🙂
(#<bgxmxia>) @readfog @prologic @jlj I haven't expressed my preferrered application str...
@prologic (#<2s3ou4q>) Interesting read from their website, but how much do they cost?
@prologic (#<d664drq>) Yeah so it's cheaper to purchase a 240V fridge rather than a 24volt one, much cheaper and easier. In fact the only things I can't do so far on my of...
@prologic (#<nhbcx3q>) Thanks, working fine!
@prologic (#<nhbcx3q>) Thanks! When is the deploy? 😋
@prologic When will DMs be fixed! :p
@prologic (#<i3u6qgq>) No need to feel sorry.
@prologic (#<i3u6qgq>) Well that's her solution, it's a legally and health wise risky solution. Me sleeping at my parents is not great for my general well being either, bu...
@prologic (#<i3u6qgq>) 

> Yeah I get it 🤗 Breakups are hard. But we were talking about breaking lockdown to go to a party?

It's not an easy situation. I understand how ...
@prologic (#<i3u6qgq>) How would you solve her problem?
@prologic @adi (#<i3u6qgq>) I recently been through a breakup myself, but I'm sleeping at my parents.
@prologic (#<i3u6qgq>)

> We have things like video and telephone or voip for this though …

Does it help with her feeling abandoned?
@prologic (#<i3u6qgq>) There are some _rare_ cases.
@prologic @movq (#<i3u6qgq>) 

> IMHO going to parties during a lockdown is reckless and selfish.

Depends on a number of factors. ...
(#<i3u6qgq>) @prologic @movq @lyse 0 as a goal _seems_ kinda silly.
@prologic (#<i3u6qgq>) At least you have “zero” as a goal. That’s great! We have … what do we have? @lyse, help me out. What’s our government’s goal? I forgot.
@prologic (#<i3u6qgq>) Hold on a minute, weren’t you down to basicaly zero infections? The graphs for Australia in Wikipedia are ridiculous compared to most other countrie...
@prologic @movq (#<bdm3dga>) Thank you! I wasn't quick enough to draw my camera, it looked even better when the mom with her leashed (! O...
@prologic (#<kd2qsya>) Congratulations!
@prologic (#<kd2qsya>) 👏👏👏 I demand you put "blind archery pro" in your twtxt bio. 🤣
@prologic (#<kd2qsya>) 720 arrows? Gee, you'll be arching for a while then! (I've probably completely misunderstood what it is)
@prologic (#<x23tdka>) Sorry, mate. :-( Just delegate to your kids. ;-)
@prologic (#<kd2qsya>) Have a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to your photos.
@prologic This data is pretty low quality right now. I'll add verification of successful download and parse before submitting it. (#2yfxkra)
@prologic For some reason, I can't read private messages, I can only see the first line. Also, I don't see the notifications on my laptop, but only on my mobile phone.
@prologic Nice! Good call on User-Agent too. (#fu3pmea)
@prologic Testing my new crawler... Oops - should probably run it as a different user than myself ... :) :thought_bubble:
@prologic (#<e676xga>) Are you still running twtxt on your home server?
@prologic @anth (#<6ecbdxq>) I need to sleep on this, but so far it doesn't sound too bad.
@prologic (#<4wxvbxq>) The black one, yes.
@prologic (#<4d4xrla>) it's a special space character that doesn't show. An invisible space for lack of the proper name.
@prologic (#<5ear6ya>) Yeah inrush current is correct.
@prologic (#<w3sqe3q>) What the... Most of the FOSS community seem to be losing their collective minds with the whole RMS thing. I had to ditch FOSStodon and a number of o...
@prologic @lyxal (#<r5bkl3q>) Well, other people would have called the bomb defusers these days.
@prologic @anth (#<6ecbdxq>) Sounds good to me, but this comes with a pentalty on discoverability.
@prologic (#<e676xga>) Oh those are pretty good too. What technology is your provider? Fiber?
@prologic (#<r5bkl3q>) this feels like I'm reading a reddit/4chan shitpost but it clearly isn't. 🤔
@prologic Are "distributor tags" something different from above? Where can I read about them?
@prologic Yeah, I'm not crazy about the conversation grouping stuff. Simple #tags are good-enough and don't clutter the txt-only view of the timeline.
@prologic Probably something respecting individual rate-limits would need to be done... :thought_bubble:
@prologic Haven't thought of anything particular interesting yet, which is why I'm asking :)
@prologic Ah! Last-Modified is a good call. What are you thinking WRT to making it smarter?
@prologic Somewhat lazy question: what is your polling strategy for such large numbers of twtxt.txt files? Interval + ETag check? Something more|less clever?
@prologic (#<mcplrjq>) understandable. I suppose it is way cheaper to buy a UPS.
@birb @prologic (#<nkejssq>) King Birb disempowered himself! Anarchy!
@prologic (#<mcplrjq>) yeah, I mean to say hosting the main server in a less volatile place. Is that a possibility?
@prologic (#<mcplrjq>) would hosting twtxt data in an external server be a viable option?
@prologic (#<mcplrjq>) oh dear. Nothing wrong with not remembering where things are!
(#<uev4gwq>) @prologic @movq as someone south of prologic I can confirm that it is indeed wet like anything in NSW. Luckily it hasn't been as bad as it has been in other t...
@usr @prologic (#<vfcwflq>) we're glad to have you here!
@prologic (#<aepda6a>) A “Sansa Clip+” from 2010. It already runs a different firmware, I don’t think there’s anything I can do. As long as the battery doesn’t die (it sti...
@prologic (#<aepda6a>) Say *WHAT* now? 🤯 Wouldn’t help, though, since my player can only read up to 32 GB. 🤣
@prologic (#<7cuifla>) someone ran over them with some sort of vehicle
@prologic (#<vfviyoa>) I mainly wanted a smartwatch for the notifications/reminders. It's good for knowing when emails and texts come through as I have my phone on silent ...
@prologic (#<vfviyoa>) It is indeed an Android watch.
@prologic (#<vfviyoa>) Oppo 41mm to be precise.
@prologic (#<nqwfbva>) Ah, oh, well, nothing *I* should be worried about then. 😁
@prologic (#<nbqgtxq>) Okay so I requested a password reset and it asked me where to send it. I put in my new email account and that's where I found the password reset mes...
@prologic (#<nbqgtxq>) why can't I update my email address? I recently discovered there were issues with the provider I was using (read as "difficulties with sending/recei...
@prologic (#<6phqvja>) True, they want you to consume more, not less. This is a fundamental problem with society. I remember once a 8 yr old PNG boy cooking breakfast usin...
(#<rj7u5na>) @prologic @mckinley Great XKCD for the "moment" @mckinley! 😊
@jlj @prologic @mckinley (#<rj7u5na>) Hahaha, these sites are brilliant, I love them! I agre...
@prologic @movq (#<ylvrkrq>) Yeah, but the guy would then know what I voted. Not that I knew him and probably vice versa – hard to tell w...
@adi @movq @prologic (#<m3rtyia>) Yeah, I agree I'm awesome 😋, [fcambus](
@adi @movq @prologic (#<m3rtyia>) It's nice that it's also available in CVS format but it ha...
@movq @prologic (#<m3rtyia>) I personally would send them a message. 😋
@prologic (#<ylvrkrq>) Those guys usually hang around outside of the building where you vote. So, yeah, it really is anonymous. Based on the data they collect, we often ge...
@prologic (#<m3rtyia>) No idea, not a laywer, either. And it’s exactly details like this that make me go: “Nah. Not gonna use it. Not even if it’s free of charge.” (Especi...
(#<m3rtyia>) @adi @movq @prologic But I guess you can send them a message and ask.
@prologic (#<3g33b7a>) Good question, I suppose those could be ravens.
(#<xxbykfq>) @lyse @movq @prologic ☹Ruined the game, nice game idea tho. 😋
@movq @prologic @adi (#<xxbykfq>) Oh shit, damn clipboard! :-( Sorry mates.
@movq @jlj @prologic (#<m3z7bsa>) Maybe their minimal viable product didn't include a fire suppr...
@movq @prologic @adi (#<xxbykfq>) I'm glad you're having great fun. ;-) If anyone guessed 9 or 10,...
@prologic (#<qdkqnyq>) Possibly, will have to undo string wiring and check each one individually, plus also check why MPPT given 75 Volt performs so badly with 5 amp output?
@prologic (#<rd6bbja>) Oh yeah, me, too!
@prologic (#<oef3b3a>) Yes I agree `shops` is an orchestrator for a custom language you defined in `yaml` which runs `sh` functions, and `judo` is an orchestrator for plai...
@prologic (#<oef3b3a>) Ok, I assume it's simplification of Chef/Puppet/Ansible?
@prologic (#<5nof4iq>) Agree, good names was considering them. `cdtemp` is closer in naming to `mktemp`
@prologic (#<5nof4iq>) `cdtemp` is shorter and I **don't have to name things**. 😋
@prologic (#<oef3b3a>) Might just be a thing of preference?
@prologic (#<oef3b3a>) To me it still looks like it could be written like a single `sh` script, what am I missing?
(#<5nof4iq>) @prologic Yeah, but I prefer an empty directory. 😋
@prologic (#<oef3b3a>) I ment running them via `judo`, not `ssh`, but if man if `yaml` is your thing, just do `yaml`.
@prologic (#<nuzvisq>) Possibly considered portable camping equipment, where total safety is not important.
@prologic (#<e56niha>) I'm considering using `shar` somehow, I'm half asleep, we'll talk tomorrow.
@adi @prologic (#<oef3b3a>) The final `]` is extra

 if [ -n "${NS1}" ] && ! grep -q "nameserver ${NS1}" "${RESOLVCONF}" ]; then...
@prologic (#<oef3b3a>) But where is the state in your examples and how do you store state?
@prologic (#<oef3b3a>) From the examples above I still don't get why do you have to use `yaml` as opposed to just writing a `sh` script and run it via
(#<t5aqjva>) Don't worry, @prologic!
@prologic You have custom init system in `ulinux`, right?
(#<fw4vzga>) @eldersnake @movq @prologic Void Linux is my favorite linux.
(#<fw4vzga>) @prologic @movq All my laptops broke down, this is a borrowed laptop and I rather not change OS. I usually work via `s...
(#<t5aqjva>) @prologic @lyse Poor "monkeys" 😁
(#<fx4xdiq>) @adi @anth Never used Plan 9 @prologic? Feels like another planet. 😛 Give it a go.
@prologic (#<t5aqjva>) Those tree cutter monkeys climbed around in the crowns like real monkeys. ;-) It was really fascinating watching them prune the limbs and branches. They f...
@prologic (#<lr2rccq>) Very nice indeed, awesome meeting all of you, @darch, @jlj, @<prologic h...
(#<rzl6zjq>) The primerose family is native to central Europe, @prologic. The temperatures are all over the place here, @bml. A couple of ...
@darch @jlj @prologic (#<bakywta>) Yes, 20:00 UTC is fine.
@prologic (#<qxoikbq>) Happy you're happy! 😄
@prologic (#<qxoikbq>) Awesome! Thanks! 😎
@prologic (#<ugonaka>) Just woke up ☕ but it's 4 PM. 😀
(#<ipbjj5q>) @adi @prologic No, it's not a newline issue.
(#<ipbjj5q'>>) @prologic (#<ipbjj5q'>>) Is this a valid function definition? Are we allowed to define the body on the same line?

$ ca...
@prologic (#<ipbjj5q>) I run my 'local' commands over SSH also? I remember researching this, also did some research now, seems that you can only do this with bash https://...
(#<gmlphva>) @bml @prologic @eldersnake Going to leave the tree, I understand how a si...
(#<gmlphva>) @prologic @eldersnake @bml I refuse to build an `entr` in my static site ...
(#<wdgk6ma>) @prologic I refuse to install "apps" that I have to access "locally" via a web browser.
(#<gmlphva>) @prologic @eldersnake @bml And then people will ask for `Markdown` suppor...
(#<gmlphva>) @prologic He just has to run this command `wget -O - | tar -xzvf -`.
@prologic (#<wdgk6ma>) And holy shit! 😳Just look at this:


Good god Brad Fitzpatrick! What were you thinking?! 🤣
@prologic (#<wdgk6ma>) And holy shit! 😳Just look at this:


Good god Brad Fitzpatrick! What were you thinking?! 🤣
(#<gmlphva>) @prologic Aaaah, busybox style, but then we'd have symlinks, @bml @<eldersnake
(#<ii5fobq>) @prologic It's not great towards bad at editing HTML, but editing HTML is the exception, most of the times it's just text.
(#<ii5fobq>) @prologic That would be great! Point is, I believe `sh` is a good fit as a templating language, it was built for massaging text, that's what templating langua...
(#<ii5fobq>) @prologic How would that work? What would I embed?
(#<ii5fobq>) @prologic @bml Not sure if in the main package, might add a `tools`, `plugins` or `extensions` section to the website....
(#<ii5fobq>) @adi @bml @prologic Point is some people would say add `Markdown` capabilities t...
(#<ii5fobq>) @adi @bml @prologic My `./share/l.upphtml` file is, wher...
(#<ii5fobq>) @bml @prologic @adi Anyway, here's another idea, I have a `./bin/d` script for d...
(#<ii5fobq>) @bml @prologic My idea was to use the `mkws` script for customization. `pp`, `lmt` and `mkws` could be combined in a si...
(#<ii5fobq>) @adi @bml @prologic In my case, a single static executable would combine `pp` an...
(#<ii5fobq>) @bml @prologic

> but it’d be cool to have just one file static linked executable that does it all.

Maybe yes, maybe n...
(#<ii5fobq'>>)' href='/user/at/99d5c8fa9bced7f45?n=bml'>@bml' href='/user/at/770e29a95b7e3dfc8?n=prologic'>@prologic Thanks for explaining! 😁 Regarding binaries in shell not sure about distributing something like this: ht...
(#<mlrqpsq>) @prologic @adi Can't edit, `uudecode` not `uuencode`, this one:

ssh -T "$1" << EOF | uudecode
(#<mlrqpsq>) @prologic Also check out:

tar -czf -|uuencode "\$f"
>&2 printf "Writing %s\\n" "\$f"

`>&2 printf "Writing %s\\n" "\$f"` goes to `stderr` and d...
@prologic (#<mlrqpsq>) Because I'm outputting it as "plain text". 

ssh -T "$1" << EOF | uudecode
>&2 printf "Packing for %s\\n" "\$(uname)"
trap "rm -rf $tmp" EXIT IN...
@darch @jlj @prologic (#<bakywta>) Anything to prepare for the meeting?
@movq @prologic (#<qmb2v7q>) Well, it can be done as demonstrated here. But of course Apple knows better what their users (don't) need…
@prologic (#<qmb2v7q>) Gah! Well, my knowledgeable colleague said: “Some can do WebM+VP9, some can do h264, but there’s basically no overlap.” 🤦 Great. Going with WebM the...
(#<msgkguq>) @prologic @eldersnake Haha, well, just hacking around I guess.
@prologic (#<msgkguq>) But it's kinda silly given how most phones support web browsing. Why would you post via SMS? Is it faster? Maybe...
(#<p24jahq>) @prologic @eldersnake I might spin up a pod at some point, I have a lot of work to do tho, I don't want to manag...
@prologic @eldersnake @xuu (#<p24jahq>) 

> I hope to see more pods

What's prevent...
(#<ohzk6ia>) @prologic Sounds good! How can I get one? 😄
@prologic @movq (#<qmb2v7q>) It's Duke Nukem 3D.
@movq @prologic (#<5i4erka>) I never understood Reddit and thus never visited it actively. Only if I didn't pay attention and clicked on ...
(#<qmb2v7q>) @prologic @movq Video plays well, played little Duke Nukem myself at a class mate's house. I got a computer "later".
@prologic @movq (#<il72mbq>) Thanks! Oops, you caught me. /o\ I reckon the good old Maggie bottle was left by the hunter on purpose to dr...
Speaking of twtxt followers etc, @prologic, is there a recommended location for your twtxt.txt? I've noticed some people using ~/.well-known/ but whatever it is, having a recommended location would help autod...
@prologic just a heads up, I'm getting 522 errors from I have a lot of trouble with CloudFlare where I live, so I use a proxy, which gives me slightly less but still regular errors. CloudFlare is t...
@prologic Thanks for approving my pull request to jointwt/we-are-twtxt, I'm a dunce tho and added myself to the wrong list. That has been corrected, apologies for the mixup.
@prologic (#aqyi5aa) I'm playing with the idea of using txtnish and my existing twtxt parser, want to keep things light-weight
(#<bakywta'>>)' href='/user/at/00490035a27b4b72b?n=darch'>@darch' href='/user/at/792ba1ec140de01f4?n=lyse'>@lyse' href='/user/at/ab4f2b774f92b0fce?n=antonio'>@antonio' href='/user/at/1951700691e26ddd4?n=jlj'>@jlj @<prologic ht...
@prologic @jlj @darch (#<s43mwpa>) Hmm, I'm always sceptical, if I have to register somewhere. ...
@prologic You didn't answer, if you have your zoom level set to 50% by default on your iPhone, resetting it would not be a good idea, right?
@prologic (#<2hvxjqa>) Can't do until voltage of bank settles down, still running at 27 volts instead of 22 volts. So the chemistry is still getting used to reactions. Plu...
@prologic (#<wije7wq>) Nice saying. :-D
(#<pf6wqcq>) Congratulations, @prologic! And as @movq said, having a good time is the most important thing.
@prologic (#<pf6wqcq>) Is that good? A good score? I have no idea. 😂 Doesn’t matter anyway, as long as you had fun doing it. 😊
@prologic (#<754vgwa>)

> A container built from an OCI image might behave the same as an OS using the same underlying root file system they do not operate the same at all...
@prologic (#<754vgwa>) By persistent I mean storing files inside the container.
@prologic (#<754vgwa>) Had no idea containers weren't persistent.
@prologic (#<754vgwa>) A persistent `ulinux` vm.
(#<754vgwa>) @lazarus @prologic I wonder why I find `qemu` more convenient.
@prologic Agreed. Having the reply feature work with the threading would be nice.
@prologic (#<wh2ckoq>) So in your case resetting the zoom level would be a bad idea.
@prologic How can I make `docker run -i -t prologic/ulinux` persistent?
@adi @prologic (#<wh2ckoq>) 

> The initial-scale property controls the zoom level when the page is first loaded.

I'd rather not re...
@prologic (#<wh2ckoq>) What about `initial-scale`? Tbh, I'd rather not reset the zoom.
@movq @prologic (#<sftzhla>) Interesting, I didn't know either! Neither floppies nor drives ever broke on me, at least I cannot remember.
(#<qojxy3q>) @prologic Just skill man!
@prologic (#<qojxy3q>) Have fun and may you do well!
@prologic (#<sftzhla>) Huh, crazy. I can’t remember having to deal with broken floppy drives a lot. 🤔 Maybe once or twice, but it wasn’t a major thing for me/us. (I once l...
@prologic @tfurrows (#<djohora>) Tbh I didn't ever questioned the "utility" of "" 😛, it just fits me as a concept and people he...
@prologic @tfurrows (#<djohora>) Well I guess Facebook is/was a way to keep in touch with friends? and to show off your life, your public ...
@prologic (#<i5jh2yq>) Gonna collect them all! :-D
@prologic What was that `docker` command to run `ulinux`?
@adi @eldersnake @prologic (#<n6itdza>) Bad idea, in general, to force them to anythin...
@eldersnake @prologic (#<n6itdza>) Bad idea to force people to argue.
@adi @prologic (#<n6itdza>) May be a good idea to have that in a future FAQ.
@prologic (#<n6itdza>) I understand what you mean by force in context. I believe answering with "Just sent a reply" to people complaining about not having Likes is enough.
@adi @prologic (#<n6itdza>) It's one thing to be afraid of being burned and another thing to understand that you will get burned.
@prologic @adi (#<n6itdza>) Scream! Shout! "Move away!" "Don't touch the stove!".
@prologic (#<n6itdza>) At that point it would have been better to just get up and move him away from the stove if that's what you ment.
@prologic (#<n6itdza>) Force who? The hospital personnel? To do what?
@prologic (#<n6itdza>) If you touch that stove you will get burned, if you prefer not getting burned, might be a good idea not to touch, if you prefer getting burned, go a...
@prologic (#<n6itdza>) Not necessarily about the word more about the idea, there's no psychological consensus on the act of thinking (as in making an effort to think) and ...
@prologic (#<n6itdza>) Yes, we agree, might have been a good idea not to.
@adi @prologic (#<n6itdza>) I'm just speaking my mind.
@prologic (#<n6itdza>) Got the joke, did I misunderstand?

>… and participating in open conversations. that’s ok! since what we’re building forces you to think anyway,

(#<n6itdza>) @prologic I did some reasoning that's right but you didn't answer my question, how are you forcing me to think?
@prologic (#<hkvv4ja>) Arhh, yes, but people chat more when they disagree than when they agree. So often being a programmed antagonist, actually is helpful.
@prologic I really have to pack `mkws` for `ulinux`!
@prologic (#<n6itdza>) How are we being _forced_ to think? 😛
(#<mqdie5q>) @eldersnake @prologic Regarding bloated websites, I observed I usually just close the tab on first glance when I...
@prologic (#<a4kawrq>) Ouch! You’re no longer working from home? Oh, wow, I just saw the infection rates in Australia, basically zero … 🤯
@prologic (#<huaer3q>) Yeah, from when I was a kid and stuff like that. Some kind of “family heirloom”. 🥴 Fun fact, we might be looking at a lot of money: One new floppy s...
@prologic (#<hkvv4ja>) wow, the Skinners Box is really taking over the world, and I can't stand it, you sit around at Smokeo watching people socially conditioned on their ...
@eldersnake @prologic (#<byevi3q>) Exactly what was missing!
(#<byevi3q>) @prologic What's the original link, can't see the start of the conversation?