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Hello @robbinaer ! 👋
@robbinaer The domain move seems to have worked. :-)
@robbinaer Yeah I solved it. Also I allowed scripts. Maybe it didn't work because I didn't allow cookies?
@robbinaer I posted a comment on your blog but it neither shows up nor do I get a message that it was rejected or needs approval. Is this normal?
@robbinaer I know the feeling I've got 3 SBCs in use and 2 waiting to be made into something. The RPi 4 is interesting. Even if it doesn't run a libre stack.
@robbinaer Ok, that makes more sense. :D
@robbinaer Why do you have to reinstall when moving to another room? 🤔
@robbinaer, I guess you should refresh more regularily. :D
@robbinaer Yeah, cpanm also needs libncurses-dev to compile I'll add that to the install instructions.
@robbinaer Did you first try to install Curses from cpan? Maybe i can clarify the install instructions?
@robbinaer I still have so much work to do in the renderer ... but the next big goal is to jump to a chapter via the toc.
@robbinaer weird as I see you logged in there 🤨
@robbinaer Maybe a DNS issue as I moved my domain to inwx yesterday. Can you try again?
@robbinaer (re webkit) That's what stable is about. :D
@robbinaer I think I should also increase. 140 is often too short. I thought Twitter had also 140.
@robbinaer Cute re: windows.. :)
@robbinaer Interesting idea but its prediacted on the fact that 1.) BF exists and is capable 2.) BF has the same set up as you
@robbinaer, ok I think it's normal for such a nerdy microblogging tool to be rather quiet.
@robbinaer (re: miniflux) I use [Feedbase]( (run by a friend of mine) + Gnus as a newsreader to consume feeds.
@robbinaer (re: miniflux) I wish it could use SQLite as database instead of requiring PostgreSQL…
@robbinaer Totally agree! a tablet is so NOT a laptop. I get grumbly when I have to use a cmputer that is missing some of the extended keys.
@robbinaer But gajim runs on Python2, not Python3, doesn't it?
@robbinaer My first impression of Fx57 isn't that bad. Although I am still missing some AddOns.
@robbinaer My first impression of Fx57 isn't that bad. Although I am still missing some AddOns.
@robbinaer Also I don't know if uMatrix is available as WebExtension. But I will see when Fx57 hits Debian.
@robbinaer I still have NoScript installed but do all the blocking with uMatrix. NoScript has some nice features so I would miss it.
@robbinaer Is it that bad? I'll just wait till it hits debian experimental or unstable to test it on my laptop running debian testing.
@robbinaer Danke. :) Wegen deinen Umlauten probier mal 'AddDefaultCharset utf-8' in der .htaccess
@robbinaer Ich hab es auch mal eingerichtet. :)
@robbinaer I suspected the essential part. Was just trying to find you an avenue to get what you needed
@robbinaer any chance you could compile it (orca) or bring it in via Guix? Or does said newer version not exist yet?
Welcome, @c0by and @robbinaer!
Welcome, @c0by and @robbinaer!
@robbinaer That's how i found you ... :)
Hi @c0by and @robbinaer, welcome to twtxt!
@robbinaer Chrome ist/war schuld! oO
@robbinaer Alles bestens, im Terminal stimmt ja alles. ;-) Gibt schlimmeres.
@robbinaer Ich halte fest, Terminal geht, Browser nicht. Naja egal! Happy Spamming...
@robbinaer Aber deins, sieht bei mir Browser auch nicht sauber aus. In der Timeline schon.
@robbinaer Ich habe keine Ahnung, was stoert. Eigentlich alles korrekt hinterlegt.
@robbinaer Danke für den Hinweis auf twtxt. Hoffe das klappt hier so.