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@tomasino how do you view your SDF webserver logs?
@tomasino (re: server logs) Some twtxt clients set the username in the User-Agent header, e.g.: “PytGet/0.1.0 (+; @kas)”
@tomasino is it possible to view logs of your sdf webserver? to add anyone following you with twtxt
@tomasino It definitely would (blow).. feel better soon.
@tomasino Best wishes!
@tomasino Best wishes!
@tomasino (re: toki pona) Yes, at @tokipona (perhaps your twtxt software removed the link):
@tomasino You can get a word a day by following @tokipona.
@tomasino Toki Pona sounds fun.. I'll take a swing at it.
@tomasino you can trail jobs with &>/dev/null for jobs you never want to hear from and 1>/dev/null for jobs you just want errors from.
@tomasino Cronjob output can be very useful depending on the job or to let you know a job errored out.
@tomasino, that's standard behaviour on all unices. You can have `MAILTO` in your crontab set to an account the forward to /dev/null, or you can use a wrapper like [cronic]( (there are oth...
greetings @tomasino!
/me waves to @tomasino. Welcome Aboard.
Welcome aboard, @tomasino – may I add you to @we_are_twtxt?
@tomasino welcome to twtxt :)
@tomasino welcome to twtxt :)