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@von RE: crawl SS. Keep at it. It is a challenging but rather rewarding game.
@von My point was more that if they were to freak out about sniffing the they are doing their OpSec wrong. Sniffing is trivial (very low bar). Passive sniffing is invisible (no way to detect). A networks sensitive d...
@von 'Not connected to anything' is one of the sweetest ways to packet sniff. At least if you have a proper WiFi chipset that still supports monitor mode.
@von Just edit the UI and SSID to 'Kitten Box'. No-one ever worries about a kitten box.
@von I hope it doesn't cause you any grief. Because, seriously, any Linux maching running tcpdump is a packet sniffer. Passive packet sniffing is really trivial.
@von congrats on the new domain.
@von bah... Faut regarder :p
I'm here @von o/
@von first party yea! Second part hopefully Yea! as well.
@von re: intercepted API request... Hacking is always fun. :)
@von Glad you found it. For those of us that like Encrypted mail it removes the complaint of others that setting up encryption at their end is too hard.
@von Naaaw, it's nice to see a bit more action here on #twtxt
@von Ah... mastodon bot. I was thinking something more generic bot wise :)
@von Nice article on twtxt. :) What was your bot up to that warrented a complaint? Are you aware of txtnish and other twtxt clients?
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@von Fun execrise, thanks
@von, my French is pretty rusty but I think you did a good job in presenting twtxt. 👍