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@xandkar (re: f) I have been using '{print $n}' for years, I'm a big fan of awk. But there is no way to easily do ranges the way cut can (N-M, N-, -M), and cut cannot handle a mixture of TABs and SPACEs. So f happened. :)
@xandkar (re: planner) I agree. For years I have been using a paper notebook + a fountain pen as my main planning/todo tool. I do use a calendar app on my phone, too, but mostly for reminders where I want a notification.
@xandkar Damn, I like this guy too now.
@von oops, I think I messed up my mentions and replied to you instead of @xandkar :D But you are still invited to make a page!
@xandkar You can approximate all real numbers arbitrarily well, and the infinities of 2D, 3D … ND are of the same magnitude, so I'd say: yes, you can.
@xandkar (re: Delta Chat) I agree. In restrospect, chatting over IMAP is an obvious use-case.
@xandkar (re: phylogenetics) that is probably something blog post worthy
@xandkar (re: mail) I would love to build projects around mail if only mail wasn't as hard to manage. Spam just made it horrible.
@xandkar Welcome to Twttxt! Noticed a typo in your twtxt user-agent handle. It is pointing to txtxt.txt.
@xandkar One such use of email is Delta Chat, that works as an end-to-end encrypted messenger à la WhatsApp, using an IMAP server as storage and emails as individual messages.
@jb55 Great, I merged your pull-request. I have kept all previous feeds at home, so I can easily populate the we-were-twtxt file. Will take a look at it one of these days. /cc @xandkar
@xandkar I noticed your comment on MS Github about just archiving dead feeds, rather than removing them, but now I can't find it again. How would you implement it? In a we-were-twtxt.txt file?
@xandkar Turned out I already have ‘exa’ installed. Problem is ‘ls’ is already in muscle memory. Exa looks sweet, though.
Welcome to twtxt, @xandkar, and thanks for the google tip: I managed to add more than 10 feeds to my twtxt subscriptions – hopefully, some of them will be reading their webserver logs and ask to be added to @<we_are_twtx...