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@xena @twtxtlist not updated anymore?
@xena @twtxtlist I guess there is something wrong with the time at your side. It tweets as '2016-02-13T03:28:46+00:00' but, it's still 2016/12/02
@xena happens ;)
@xena It’s not really a limit. I see it more like an enforced recommendation. ;3
@xena Markdown-style?
Hey @reednj and @xena! do you want to work on an effort to streamline #twtxt registry apis? My proposal:
@xena neato! thx
@xena @reednj Made this ugly hack to have a txtfile of users in your dir's, for greping in;
@xena I wonder what your dream was...
@xena, staying near fisherman’s wharf. visiting yelp, vmware, nvidia, google, eventbrite, youtube, leap motion.
thank you @reednj & @xena for sorting out my twtxt submission in their twtxt user directory :]
@xena nice one :)
some updates to today. Urls and @usernames are now clickable @xena @buckket
@xena @kdy zsh has highlighting and suggestions two
@xena I'll give it a shot. Syntax highlighting and completion hints are nice so far
@xena True, but the syntax it uses is so different from what I'm used to on bash/zsh
@xena Meh. I prefer Zsh. :P
@xena Never heard of matrix before. :D
@xena Right, I just hope nobody sends two tweets in the same second.
@xena It'd be good if your site (and @reednj) had a way for users to manage their info?
@xena I got my name wrong on your directory. Any way to change it?
@xena I can’t add my feed to your list. Wonder what’s wrong there.
Looks like @xena or someone added me to as @TheRealKoch (my twitter handle)
@xena I get an error when submitting a new user+URL to - invalid tweet - fail - could not(...)
@xena: Having trouble submitting user zrolaps of though: "could not find that page"
@xena: Great aggregator :-)
@xena planning to do something like that with the next version of pinkie. If I ever get around to it.
@xena wouldn't that defeat the point of having a *decentralized* microblogging platform?
@xena why does the link to my nickname not work on <> ?